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I am interested in table tennis Tingyou, and occasionally look at ping-pong game, but these leagues

Green cow scholars2010-02-11 11:02:25 +0000 #1
Want to understand what one can enumerate, it is best to give younger brother to explain what their status is like. There is now what the league are being held. Grateful, scores sent to
jndxhaoge2010-02-11 11:07:21 +0000 #2
First of all, the league held in China told China Ping Chao League, in many countries there are various Open.

Second, the most important thing is the international league, mainly including: the World Cup, World Championship, the Olympic Games

time difference:

Table Tennis World Cup once a year, the woman was the beginning of man is the end of the year

World Table Tennis Championships once a year, in a single year's singles, pairs of year groups, usually in May

Olympic Games once every four years, usually in the Ba Jiuyue different copies of the contents of


World Cup is only for men and women's singles world championship with seven individual: male and female groups, men's singles, men and women doubles, mixed doubles

4 single Olympic Games: men's singles, men's doubles (88 years - in 2004 for men and women's doubles,

2008 Beijing Olympic Games men's doubles replaced by a group of men and women)

the status of the various:

Olympic Games, World Championships and the World Cup table tennis tournament of the three,

in the three ever won the event in both the athletes referred to as table tennis "grand slam" athletes, male athletes only

currently Wald, inner ear, Liu Guoliang and Kong Linghui won of this title.

Olympic Games represent a table tennis country's highest honor.

World Championship represents the highest level of table tennis.

Therefore, the World Cup, World Championships and the Olympic Games for the inferior to the current game


Time Name Location

October 16-18 Men's World Cup, Linz, Austria,

October 28 -11 England Open in England on 1 Xie Field

November 2 -8 on the Asian Championships to be determined

November 4 -8

Russian Open, St. Petersburg, Russia November 18 -22 on the Swedish Open, Sweden斯特霍尔姆
November 21 -29 Day the World Junior Championships in Colombia Keta He then

November 25 -29 Polish Open, Warsaw, Poland

December 2 -7 on the East Asian Games in Hong Kong, China

December 13 -14 day championship to be determined

December 17 Day -20 Day Pinglian Finals to be determined

want to help you. . . O (∩ _ ∩) O-
yyyxxxjjjjj2010-02-11 11:07:58 +0000 #3
Shiping League Table Tennis League
yinjian_732010-02-11 12:01:30 +0000 #4
League held in China told China Ping Chao League, in many countries there are various Open, as well as the World Cup and so on. World Cup should be the most important. The following is the calendar contest link: = Tennis & bigs = 3



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