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What brand of ping pong shoot the best?

Peel-breaking touch Buddhism2010-02-11 12:01:56 +0000 #1
Introduction detail,.
lubaojian20092010-02-11 12:15:53 +0000 #2
Pisces personally feel good, because there is no bought other brands of racket! The following is a table tennis bat brand ranking and rating, let's see it! 1. Stiga Stiga

Swedish brand Stiga Stiga table tennis table tennis in the world market share of floor high Stiga Stiga table tennis bat floor working well, feel good, its approachable price, and allow the majority of the Amateur table tennis enthusiasts to receive. STIGA is the one with 60 years of history, the world's leading manufacturer of table tennis products on a global scale there are more than 100 partners. In the past half a century, STIGA table tennis products and won recognition of players and fans, during which STIGA product development in the production process, as well as the continuous innovation in order to maintain STIGA leading position in the ping-pong. STIGA a series of strict production standards in accordance with manufacturing floor, while developing a more advanced production technology. After years of efforts STIGA has accumulated a series of bottom production techniques, technology.

2. Jasaka Yasaka

Jasaka Yasaka is a Japanese brand, its floor is manufactured in Sweden. Jasaka Yasaka in order to control the floor has been good, feel good with that, its spokesmen is Marin.

3. Butterfly Butterfly

Butterfly Butterfly Table Tennis Racket floor product-rich known for its advertising into one of the most major brands, Butterfly Butterfly Table Tennis Racket floor price is very low, due to Butterfly table tennis bat butterfly backplane strong sponsorship, internationally renowned athletes considerable proportion of butterflies. Butterfly backplane model is extremely diverse, covering the needs of each play. Butterfly is the first manufacturer to develop carbon racket. Masterpieces such as the CLEARFIELD (Chen used), ADOLESCEN (Li Ju, Zhang Yining has used), carbon (Primorac use), KONG Fang carbon (Kong Linghui use), Kim Taek Soo, CYPRESS and so on. Butterflies prefer to use well-known athletes racket named in order to strengthen its promotional efforts. However, amateur golfers for this is not superstition, for the Butterfly Butterfly table tennis boards, whose reputation is very mixed, not too much praise.

4. Excellent pull Joola

German table tennis brand.

JOOLA - a symbol of the pursuit of excellence and perfection

From 1952 to produce the first table-tennis table so far, JOOLA has been 50 years of innovative style, excellent quality, leading-edge technology is leading the trend of world table tennis equipment. This is located in the beautiful German city of grape production base SIEBELDINGEN ping-pong world famous brand in the industry in Germany has produced in 30 spherical segment per hour, world-class production line, its brand-name products, including the tables in this pool, ball, balls, rubber, clothing , shoes and other marketing around the world, at the same time, due to market expansion, the German JOOLA Table Tennis Equipment Co., Ltd. in other countries has also set up a new manufacturing facility to meet the market demand.

In the world Ping Tan, JOOLA table tennis equipment, this name is a symbol of the pursuit of excellence and perfection. For a long time, it has been the ITTF, the International Olympic table tennis equipment suppliers, due to the use of their equipment was developed to achieve good results the world's top table tennis players too numerous to mention, if any, "Mr. German table tennis," said The roscoff, Fei Jie, corners, China's Guo Yue, Yi-You Chiou can be, and so are all JOOLA advocate. In 2002, JOOLA the company's Managing Director, Mr. MICHACEL BACHTLER was elected President of the International Table Tennis Equipment Association demonstration of the company's forces and their JOOLA's influence in the ITTF.

5. Donic Table Tennis Donic

German-known brands. Donic Donic success is based on the success of a simple law, which focuses on product quality, innovative thinking and modern latest technology. Nick has always lose no more than the launch of new products to market. For example: DOTEC and SENSO technology in tool applications. Donic technology and sound system in the rubber products on the application. Textiles on the multi-fiber technology and high technology in the table tight system, the application of products. 25 years of continuous innovation in the world of multi-Nick became the chief trademark of table tennis tables. DONIC is family-owned companies, the President Karlheinz, and Frank Schreiner Clubs are shipped from Germany active players, is headquartered in V lklingen (Germany). In 1987, the company is only ten years after its founding, DONIC tables, already the world championships in New Delhi to use. In 2006, more than Nick has become the official supplier of desk sets, hosted in 2006 in Bremen at the LIEBHERR World Table Tennis Championships and in 2007 held in Belgrade in the LIEBHERR European Table Tennis Championships. this success story in 2006 after repeated! . Anywhere in the world - and the European title has received DONIC equipment. Various periods of the best players, Jan-Ove Waldner, Jorgen Persson and the legend Mikael Appelgren believe Daunic products have for many years and they are representative of the world!

7. Avalox Avalox

8. Nittaku Nittaku

9. Double Happiness

DHS DHS, 1959, China founded the famous table tennis brands and manufacturing experts, is the world to show its charm. China's first Olympic Games as a designated supplier (2000), DHS 40 years has consistently adhered to the professional advancement of our source of power. In particular, we and the Chinese professional sports organizations, such as China table tennis team's top athletes and sports research institutes set up a long-term close cooperative relationship to ensure that our sport to develop their own rapid and accurate response and technological innovation. Double Happiness in 2008 the Beijing Olympic Games table tennis, weightlifting, badminton equipment suppliers, the three major competitions in Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Athens 2004 Olympics equipment designated supplier. No. 26,43,45,47 th World Table Tennis Championships and other major international competitions, the official sponsor of ping-pong equipment. Major events such as fencing and weightlifting equipment designated sponsor.

10. Milky Way

China's famous table tennis brands, Galaxy's table tennis floor cost-effective at a lower price, higher performance, well received by the ping-pong enthusiasts like. Galaxy, Inc., founded in 1986, is headquartered in Baoding, Hebei Province, is a collection development, design, processing, marketing, consulting, training as one of the joint-stock enterprises. After a long continuous exploration and innovation, Galaxy Table Tennis is now a completely new image into the future. In order to better promote the sport and expand the Galaxy Sports "ping-pong physical, fun unlimited" idea, Galaxy Sports Yuanyuanda Table Tennis community cooperation and jointly promote the sport of the widely carried out, for the majority of table tennis players and enthusiasts full and sincere service.

11. Upright Tibhar

German brand, TIBHAR has developed into a worldwide synonym for high-quality table tennis products. To begin production in 1969 TIBHAR table tennis sports products. Initially, TIBHAR only in accordance with the special requirements of athletes to develop, produce sets of plastic and bottom, and soon after TIBHAR product line quickly expanded to more areas. Today TIBHAR line of products is already very comprehensive and covers leisure activities, from amateur to world-class competition with a variety of table tennis equipment. In 1978, Mr. Erwin Berg became the company's head upright, when TIBHAR company or a small table-tennis sports equipment wholesalers. Erwin, Mr. Berg began a new corporate strategy and positioning, TIBHAR became the table tennis equipment manufacturer, R & D, production and marketing of TIBHAR their own products. Erwin, Mr. Berg is also in Germany, I experienced a table tennis coach, was once a German table tennis team members. He was the only suggested that with the athletes to develop their own features rubber people. With the different features of the development and production of rubber, TIBHAR became famous in the world. TIBHAR and rubber manufacturers work closely together to create a set of a new era of plastic, TIBHAR has gradually grown into the world's number one set of rubber products manufacturers. Followed by the second major development is TIBHAR develop and produce their own wood floor, that the use of soft and resilient Ayous wood, which at that time is a new concept. R & D of the sets of plastic and wood floor later, TIBHAR also started production and sales of other table tennis products. TIBHAR's team speed dry rubber products world-famous, TIBHAR-speed rubber gum is a new speed glue, until today TIBHAR-speed Adhesive is the world's best speed glue. At the same time TIBHAR table tennis clothing line with fashion and quality products are known for. Erwin Berg at the head of Mr. TIBHAR after, TIBHAR started as a professional table tennis player development and production of high-quality equipment, we work tirelessly for athletes seeking new solutions to open up new roads. It also benefited from TIBHAR and the world's best table tennis players and coaches a close working relationship. The use of geographical advantages, as well as table tennis players and the French national team in close co-operation, TIBHAR in France for the rapidly growing field of table tennis brand. In today's TIBHAR is still the area of the French table tennis the most prestigious brands. On the one hand, TIBHAR has been adhered to and the field of table tennis athletes, coaches and experts work closely with the other hand, has always TIBHAR persistent commitment to new product research and development. This strategy makes the field of table tennis experts and technical experts in the field of views and experiences between the long-term exchange can be achieved. Today, TIBHAR sponsored a large number of table tennis national team, associations and athletes. TIBHAR table tennis has become a big family, not only because of TIBHAR and the contractual relationship between athletes, but also benefited from the athletes and this sense of belonging among the TIBHAR. For example, the French champion Hilla and Damien Ailuo Er is a good example of them and TIBHAR signed over 20 years, for them, and not just being TIBHAR sponsorship relationships, but rather they are part of the family TIBHAR , Mr Erwin Berg is their "father." 30 years Erwin, Mr. Berg has been involved in major international table tennis competitions, watching the sport on the development of technologies and concepts. Every year he went to visit schools and youth teams in Europe, to those looking for talented athletes. Samsonov was discovered by Mr. Berg, he arranged Samsonov came to Heidelberg, the Olympic table tennis training center, most of the time since then Samsonov stay in Germany, Erwin * Mr. Berg became his "second father", supporting the young athletes, to help him build a new beginning. It has benefited from the support of TIBHAR, Samsonov will be able to concentrate on training, continuous improvement, formed its own unique style, to become an excellent table tennis player. Today, TIBHAR has more than 100 countries and regions, set up a representative body, but Mr Erwin Berg developed from the corporate culture and philosophy remains the same!

12. World Oder Sword

SWORD (SWORD) - Domestic floor, one of the three brands, with the Galaxy, Palio saying. Bank Austria must have a relatively strong R & D efforts in order to independently design and new materials known bottom. World Oder independent design blue devil, blue Jue, sword in the King series, the sword in the mad family, RG are given extraordinary series of backplane great success. In the professional players Mangda trial had exceeded imports bottom of the performance evaluation, in terms of quality can be described as the pinnacle of Chinese-made racket works. World Oder also offers personalized custom-made racket and racket repair services, modification and so on.

13. Conceited Meng XIOM

14. Shore-degree Andro

15. Duck Duck Darker

DARKER 『』 Brand Description: DARKER <Duck "deceive the incumbent president in 1955, Mr. Nakata Hashimoto was formally began to produce their own table tennis bats, fields produced by the establishment of a monopoly of wisdom, later renamed as the "Duck Corporation". 60 of the last century, began to formally proceed with competitive table tennis players dedicated the production of well-known brand "Duck" was born. The most fame in the city is the Speed 15, holding a board president personally to invite players try to play, gradually spread throughout the country .60-era word of mouth, are used in a myriad of champion "Duck" products. In the table tennis fans in, there are many fine hand was duck. A good sense of the prisoners to play enthusiasts, even if they wait a few months, but also expense, saying "Duck" of the board as "works of art."

16. Palio Palio

Palio Palio is the Palme d'Or Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Qinhuangdao its brands, the earliest large ball designed for the 40mm factory floor. The racket produced by more conventional appearance longer racket, to some extent the Japanese-style racket into the advantages of pumping power to kill more. Exterior design is more bright. In recent years, the more successful works such as LGL (Liu Guoliang used in imitation racket), V series, S series. Most products are known for inexpensive. Palme d'Or Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Qinhuangdao, Hong Kong-owned enterprise, with more than 3600 square meters of modern standard factory buildings and a large quantity of advanced equipment, the introduction of new technology at home and abroad to absorb the new technology.
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Pisces -
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Pisces I have been a favorite performance of all aspects of the Beas are better



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