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17 individual table tennis competition, how to formulate promotion rules?

zhuzuoliang2010-02-11 13:01:54 +0000 #1
17 individual events and how to formulate rules of the game, three games, kick down the day time requirement.

The first round of balloting will have a direct promotion, the second round draw also has a direct promotion, then to the third round when the left five individuals on how to play? Do not want to play round robin! How do I get? This will not be directly qualified for ballot wow!-T you out of ideas!
wide-ranging and disputed2010-02-11 13:13:23 +0000 #2
The first option single knockout;

specifically draw the location of that player (digital)

9A-9B carried out the first game (a priori Tianyi), the other players considered first-round bye, 9A-9B winner of the game with 10 players in the game, so that becomes a 16-person game, like fighting.

If you decide the winner and winner of 17 players only 16 games, if there are 1-2 tables in this pool one day is enough. Against a specific look at Figure:

If the first team single round robin play, see the figure below (the first qualifying group and then cross out):

http:/ /

If the group after the top two qualifying cross-recommends such a fight did not occur to the final encounter in the same group as another case:


above for reference!
498,108,4452010-02-11 13:30:30 +0000 #3
first ballot to them so that a direct advance! The remaining 15 were divided into three groups to play one-cycle-out! Each group decided at a! Into the finals! 5 people in single round-robin play! Decided at 123 out of 2!
louyulilouyuli2010-02-11 13:59:14 +0000 #4
not playing the ah, 5 individuals must circle a



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