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1,000 yuan to buy what the ping-pong floor Well

YE Feng Zi Jin2010-02-11 13:02:01 +0000 #1
The Pen is a straight horizontal play is best to fit under the rubber also said
hanleizhangli2010-02-11 13:18:08 +0000 #2

but the money is absolutely no need for

1000 individuals that the double happiness of the middle and low racket good quality, but high-grade shoot, the quality is not a butterfly, STIGA better.

Hurricane-Hao in the use did not reflect how suitable cross-fight, in my opinion, but is a common neutral floor.

STIGA racket at the end of fresh enough, but the slightly heavier weight a bit, it affected the speed of swing. If you prefer a little weight can be considered, STIGA quality is still good.

Butterfly-quality good, but cost is not high.

YASAKA The YE is the first play of the floor for Pen Wang, Gangchu I bought, and used now (also used STIGA OC, before the use of butterflies). There are shortcomings, that is, the lack of enthusiasm at the end of a long distance. YEO seems to be soft carbon bar, if the ball control feel like you can get close, like Marin, you can try carbon rubber in the

sets of Yao, I have been using the hurricane front, formerly separate sponge rubber paste, then use The 42-degree blue sponge and mad 2. now sell sets of plastic, and mad crazy three sets of two sets do not come from comfortable. 729-08 with a lot of people, but the play used to skyrocket, and is very suited 729, and vice versa. Tian Ji 3, and there is no boom 3 is good, may also be used to fight mad three relationships, I feel Tian Ji 3, viscous friction and a good sense of not mad 3.

Cross-dozen rubber, in my own practice, now I have to fight the threat of cross-big twist in the transition of the first to get started playing the ball using horizontal, close to the table to play as long as the pick hit, the initial match against Sports School students of non - solution, it can also mobilize two mys, Taiwan medial pull technologies. Only the pace and beat-based adjustments are not skilled.

Has used the G888 (a small range of wrist bomb hit, beginner), Hurricane 1 (beginner loop stage, the bomb hit, and loop and used), G666 (learning loop, sponge over the previous two thick, in order to increase ball the speed and strength), G555 (designed specifically for cross-dozen sets of plastic, very soft, then in improving the capacity of a continuous offensive), and now to be able to use SP (compare the world's best set of plastic, for cross-play, speed and strength have strengthened, and rubber are also able to pull the ball loop is transferred, control is also very good, playing two arbitrary angle, does not appear unable to pronounce the preceding paragraphs of the feeling of power, or unable to pronounce the edge so just forward to force had time to hit the ball before the estimated impact point of the problem. but the SP to be able to faster wear and tear like rubber after 1 week there will be no rubber gloss.) Japanese and German Department of sets of sets of rubber glue used in relatively small, because the more expensive, and has been adapted in the Department of sets of plastic, for fear not accustomed to after the change of the wasted.

In fact, as long as Chinese Pen, which is the most common of the Pen, are able to tasikmalaya fight. The key is to see technology playing.
Steel Wall Sports2010-02-11 13:46:55 +0000 #3
Butterfly Wang rubber is recommended Tian Ji 3
kuaiile2010-02-11 13:17:36 +0000 #4
can use the Hurricane Hao, YE, YEO (Ma Lin uses)

3 sets of plastic can be mad, Tianyi
ato20002010-02-11 13:13:41 +0000 #5
Pen horizontal floor with the classic hit yasaka of YE , Double Happiness Hurricane Hao.

Is in hand to select three or Tianji Hurricane 3

backhand Butterfly Sriver-EL, Donic of F1, Nittaku of the JO can be.

The above is a classic play with cross-Pen for Louzhu reference.



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