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Table tennis sets of plastic with master pointing

juelenyy2010-02-11 13:02:14 +0000 #1
like to play table tennis, I was playing straight, and now would like to own and thought they would like to get a straight horizontal playing board there are pull-loop within a spherical segment, which do not know how to pick to play a little better mix master pointing Next Thank you.

Floor, I intend to buy YINHE MC-2 60 yuan (is there a better master referring to the next, not too expensive)

rubber now there are several I do not know how to properly organize. Forehand rubber Hurricane 3 (without irrigation glue 39 degrees) Tian Ji 3 (do not know how high the good) 729-2729-08 pointing master had intended to use the next three mad, but heard that Hurricane 3 is very hard to play well without irrigation glue , 39 degrees how kind of glue does not affect the irrigation of his life?

Backhand 729 Focus 1729 Focus 3 CJ8000

how we go with the next master pointing Thank you
Big Head Sugar2010-02-11 13:18:36 +0000 #2
Mc-2 + being crazy 3 + backhand cj8000 ... This is already a very popular entry-configuration of (hot extent, follow that with everybody. seems a bit of moderation). Talk about the pros and cons of it: the whole configuration for the Near and Middle loop combination of fast-break, horizontal play, also shared. No big problem. Drawback can only say that Mc-2's block shot ability is relatively weak (this is a common problem 5 wood) , thin plate body happens. at the end of King needs in order to experience the power of big hair. leveraging more meat. mad 3 using a 20 # movement sponge is more false hair, the same force required to fight hair thoroughly. the beginning of the proposed matching 39 to play this glue degree of sponge or replace more transparent the new 729-2 (sponge hardness 42-44) ... easy to use. In addition to give you recommend a configuration: Galaxy M2 (hard cherry wood surface structure of wood imitation YEO) + is in hand to 39 degrees Tian Ji 3 (sticky set of loop-type attack) + backhand 729 Tianyi (Professional horizontal fighting gum) ... This configuration than you The original easy to use more. Prices are also not far off.
Gray smoke2010-02-11 13:36:50 +0000 #3
floor there is a Palio of the CAT, very light, fresh and speed at the end of a good ,70-80. Forehand of the Hurricane 3, 39 degrees can, I am now in the fight, at the end of King and rotation are normal hand, the backhand of the cj8000 that can also a sponge 39 in Japan, playing up a good flexibility to eat the ball deeper than the Hurricane . By so doing, you weigh
Steel Wall Sports2010-02-11 14:22:59 +0000 #4
floor to light, thin, relatively fresh at the end of foot is hand Hurricane 3 can be 39 degrees, the backhand of the 729 that can be the focus of three, playing up a very good elasticity, eat the ball is also deep. I am using the board is a butterfly Wang Hurricane 3,39 degrees positive and negative focal point of three to play with the 729, at the end of King and rotation are normal, are hand-picked to play, the backhand cross-playing, feel quite good, and fly in the ointment of the board thickness. By so doing, you weigh



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