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30 people how to organize table tennis game?

tyning7592010-02-11 13:02:20 +0000 #1
Units should organize a table tennis competition, a total of 30 people or so, intends to be divided into three groups, each of about 10 people, the time is probably from 2 pm to 5 am, three hours, each set up a first prize, a 2 Prize, a third prize.

How should matchmaking? ?
ws20060092010-02-11 13:06:56 +0000 #2
Professional Answer: If it is not by age or gender group, your method of play is not correct. All games can only have one first place, the first two or three can be side by side (preferably not). Sports awards generally do not set up according to grade. Several other awards set for theatrical performances.

Three methods for your reference:

Method 1: 30 games, should take the top eight. So draw is divided into (A, B, C, D) 4 group, can be level or past accomplishments in each group cast a seed member. There are two group of seven individuals, two groups eight individuals; team single round robin competition, the top two entered the second phase.

The second stage cross-out. Namely: A1-B2, C1-D2, A2-B1, C2-D1; (winner into the top four, the loser must 5-8)

A1B2 W-C1D2-sheng, A2B1 W-C2D1-sheng, (winner into the final, the loser never three, four).

The first phase of a total of 98 games, the second phase of 10 games; group game can win three out of five system, then the second phase of Qiju four wins. If the four sites, three days to kick down.

Method 2: According to your idea can also be divided into three groups, each of the top three entering the second phase;

the second phase of the first three groups can play a loop, decided at 1-3 names, The second summary three groups were 4-6, the three groups 7-9 were never third. A total of 117 games. Three to four days.

Method 3: Do not group to conduct a single elimination system can be installed eight seeded players. Advantage of this method time is short, drawback is somewhat unfair, and some only to fight a will be eliminated. A total of 32 games, two days is enough.

There are problems, feel free to contact.
Wide-ranging and discussion of the2010-02-11 13:33:20 +0000 #3
best divided into four groups, each drawn by lot number (two groups eight people, two groups 7);

each playing a single round-robin qualifying group four first, and then re-draw decided that the group first against, fight championship winner, tied for third in the negative.

So good to play, based awards are also more reasonable for Louzhu reference!



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