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Table tennis skills! Scores, a good additional 30!

jiang56622882010-02-11 14:01:42 +0000 #1
I am a novice, not to mention the heroes are table tennis terminology Oh, I do not understand, I am a novice, what is the how the return of serve, which serve the best? How grip? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
zhipaihengda112010-02-11 14:17:56 +0000 #2
it can only be slowly tried: to serve large divided into three kinds, 1, top spin, is that you pick an easy ball out of bounds, then you put the bat down the pressure a little pick . 2, the next spin is generally flat with the friction table tennis racket, then take time to get rubbed his pick. 3, do not turn the ball basically hit the ball over, there are false moves down, then you pick or push directly on the line in the past. Multi-play will pick up.
What strong and2010-02-11 14:11:27 +0000 #3
then pick their own way not to tweak the ball is that man is man and there are ideas of ideas is not a simple rotation of the ball

which do not serve much good with the ball come to casually toss put a plate type with the characteristics of their own strength to fight in the past is that people have never seen a ball

you do not need a technology is not a tactic is to encourage self-confidence

You are the life of freedom has limitless possibilities of life is not serving the return of serve machine
gray smoke2010-02-11 14:56:47 +0000 #4
1:00 Half will be Shuibu Lai, and short hair is what you call a master backspin, topspin and side spin, etc., you go to more training, remember, he made up the left side of rotating friction swing you left, right to Right, first off the tee suggest that you practice the next spin, side spin to practice after the last rotation, grip you are straight or horizontal panels ah, Khan ---------- doubt, to say ---
sunchaothu2010-02-11 14:30:52 +0000 #5
return of serve:

to see the rotation, pre-judgment rate of the most important. This should be the accumulation of experience. Know each other's speed and spin, if we could fast, basically should be "by force" (ie, reduction in force in the professional terminology block), racket contacts the ball the moment there is a "suck" small moves. If the speed is slow, should be used "plus pushing." That is, a forward sent the ball movement.

This was not enough, because the high-speed rotating planet might make the ball is in contact with the ball to the plate, he quickly introduced changes. A simple way to deal with spin is that if you have studied high school physics can, through the direction of friction to determine which side will be where to fly, knowing this should be controlled after the bat to achieve corrective Qiulu role. Here can not paint, it is very clearly, so find their own way is better. You can buy this book to look at, or look at the video teaching, on-line a lot. Done before a series of CCTV.

Serve: Serve I think it is not the best, you are a novice, we must first learn to topspin, backspin, side spin serve the basic method. Then there would be driving change. Confuse the opponent. How a specific fat, or short, its own expert to find some Qiecuo look. Do not fear of being despised, He He.

Grip: simple, there are shake-hands grip Pen of the points, Pen or hold a pen-style, imagine how you hold a pen to. Shake-hands grip a knife-type, imagine if you are a butcher ... ...:)

but the specific thing to look at game tapes to learn the professional players grip method, if you really want to play well to say.

I can now say that a door has just been playing rookie who made it, without professional studied are self-learning. I hope you will love this sport.



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