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Table Tennis on the glue issue

wfz3052010-02-11 14:02:24 +0000 #1
My rubber is 729 and the boom 3, the bottom Pariaud TT, and I play fast-break plus loop, want to re-skin glue, glue a comparison with what is good, beehive Blue Whale two generations of glue do I use for, as well as what kind of glue I can use the ah? Said that a detailed point, there price, thank you -----
zombieyang2010-02-11 14:04:41 +0000 #2
beehive blue whale, the two very good, high-elastic, good brushes, dry faster, store to buy 50, line 30 or so.

Galaxy's also good, if not beehive rounds, but very sticky, very sticky and firm, the store 30, on-line 18 or so.
Zhou Liang there are people who inject2010-02-11 14:38:51 +0000 #3
To tell the truth it, what glue is not too important, the main thing is to look at technology ah
woshiluoqian2010-02-11 14:26:44 +0000 #4
on the bar with the beehive, are using this, it is best to call order, can be a lot cheaper



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