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Changdang2010-02-11 16:01:29 +0000 #1
outset that I am not a rookie ... ... I never learned, but I hit now that extent, most people thought I was practiced a few years, and some even thought that I was 2 ... ... halo. .

Closer to ah, that is, the problem of consciousness, I was straight left hand grip the racket, loop combination of fast-break style of play, the backhand cross hit the main block shot will be, usually when you feel Lianqiu fairly comprehensive, fails to hand close to the table fast-break less agile, I am especially fond of friction ... ... pull the ball to spin the ball impact point is also good, on playing the game, really is too offensive-minded, although I am a good defense, but recently met a fellow student of mine Kenichi, hey, lose a lot of He's offensive-minded too, and even gone too far ... ... I am very passive and do not feel it was great, and, I am serving a number of research and experience, is a major feature of our school is also a sign of my bar , but he seems to eat, perhaps I sent to him and say too much, and I knew it could not rely too heavily on serve, but the moment a little bit not used to, anyway, some can not relax to play, we give him something to some suggestions ... ...

jt199402282010-02-11 16:15:51 +0000 #2
are offensive-minded does not mean that there is little threat of attack, so whenever he attacks you do not have to worry too much. You can not relax or not mainly due to concerns on the result. You said he did not attack the quality, so you can judge each other to determine the capacity of rotation certainly not strong, and strongly recommended that the return of serve is the next rotation as long as you directly to split a long to his sideways-bit, storms washed the general pull-type straight fast break type of generally pull a slash, so you can judge that he serve inroads into the impact point. As long as the right hand side is exposed neutral gear, the ball is better to play. If you're worried then serve well, cut a board directly against such opponents must slow down, because people who actively set their sights a general lack of patience, as long as he lost patience and attacked the accuracy of the natural decline in a row forehand naturally out of the question, your opportunity to come.

I also have a deeper study of driving, and later found that:咱are ordinary people, usually alone how that point of time is likely to serve and impact point of the rotation reaches consummate their plight? Just do not like the shape of the gods. Laowa I serve let other people how much to eat, but why imitators can only send a spin it? Is living hand to spend too much friction in the real ball grabbing a thin friction. First simplify the proposed actions to increase the driving quality, laying the foundation for the next board attack. So you have to have their own set sights on serve, so you can ensure that your ball round can take out two points.

I wish you every success
No pears to steal2010-02-11 16:38:47 +0000 #3
should be to serve your introduction, or handled the ball well, then serve to take the high back rub too slow, to the other side the opportunity to. If the offense is not good, the more control, so that the other side is difficult Starting Hand.



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