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Table Tennis play in what is called anti-rubber ball screw? Technology Essentials What is this?

crazy Rafah Great2010-01-19 08:01:57 +0000 #1
Best to Xiangjie the details of the action
Northern Wolf2010-01-19 08:16:06 +0000 #2
I understood the twisted ball is in Taiwan for sending and receiving the ball and say, and is usually the backhand, is a change from the defensive to attack strategy is able to directly pose a threat to each other. This is done when the ball is issued, the judge spin and power, recycling arm, Qu wrist to shoot surface soft ball, and so on the ball good enough to eat after, hair force, sending wrist on it. I use cross-hit some technical screw the ball with some right-hand, will recover the body or contrary to opponent surprise, to give rivals a threat to a certain extent, the main bar is a deterrent, so that when the penalty opponents have become more concerns. But the mistakes will be more and more. Lot of practice it, I wish you progress.



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