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100 table tennis bats seeking a suitable cross-board configuration Milky Way, 729, Double Happiness,

liuyouzhi8882010-02-11 17:01:03 +0000 #1
To make you a better understanding of my request, saying that the relatively more complicated, forgive me, please read carefully.

I have always love table tennis, has been playing since childhood, but has no professional training, their own play, action, non-standard. Now the university, and found himself some self-teaching video for some time, a lot of action standards.

Would now like to stick a horizontal plate racket to require price 150 yuan less than the future does not intend to pulls card! Galaxy floor with his favorites, sets of plastic bullish 729, Double Happiness, Palio series, but less likely to match! ! !

I am the right hand horizontal plate grip, custom short-, medium units, being used to fast break, and pull-loop learning ball! Backhand used to call the ball! Even Sierra ball bar!

She also read a lot of information online, but also some understanding, but because no actual use for the various brands of products do not quite understand the actual performance of various models, please knowledgeable guide! ! ! And hope that their feelings do not use paste,

ato20002010-02-11 17:10:49 +0000 #2
Now it do not understand, "is hand fast break, but also pull loop learning," then you want to play fast development of arc, or arc Fighter Law Development.

If you want to quickly arc of play development, and fast break more auxiliary loop, then recommend that you consider the Galaxy's M-5, seven of pure wood, imitation stiga CL architecture, CL is the classic fast-arc plate, Liu Guoliang, Qiu Yike use, M5 and CL performance similar to the end of Jing is good, out of the ball fast, there is a certain ball of, cost-effective, Taobao price of 70 or so. Choose forehand DHS Hurricane 3 39 degrees, the boom, the properties do not introduce more, which is China's largest-selling plastic gloves are, Taobao 60 or so, the backhand palio cj8000 light, Taobao's 25 or so. Total about 150 or so.

If you want to play fast arc of development, loop-based, fast-break supplemented recommend Galaxy MC-2 or U-4, five floors of pure wood-based panels, which are both ultra-classic model galaxy, the ball-you in a very good reputation, high cost, their evaluation of Internet search a bunch, U4 is the imitation stiga oc structure, than the MC-2 is slightly soft, more suited to pulling loop, MC2 imitation stiga crystal technology, its comprehensive performance is better, the Taobao prices are around 60. Forehand DHS Hurricane 3 40 degrees, Taobao's 60 or so, the backhand palio cj8000 light, Taobao's 25 or so, or 44-46 degrees 729-40s, about 40 Amoy treasure. Total of about 150.

The above two options for Louzhu reference, I personally arc fast play, played MC-2 and U-4, can be said at this price on an absolute value for money, M-5 did not played, is based on fast Internet arc play the ball to the recommended evaluation of the Friends, Louzhu to combine the characteristics of their own to do the final decision.
PeterVane2010-02-11 17:31:36 +0000 #3
I recommend that you still buy a DHS mahogany floor, its hardness is absolutely good, hair force strength hit the ball very, very top of each other, but also feel good Oh racket handle; DHS recommended the province set of rubber Team use Hurricane Hurricane 2 and 3 (referred to as mad two provinces, the provincial mad 3), provincial crazy 2 (rotation is very strong Oh!) recommended as your forehand, provincial mad 3 (speed very quickly!) recommended as your backhand, ps: I was just anti-1 anti-backhand. In short, I think this is a good match, I have received professional training from an early age, this beat has always been with me for many years, but also not easy to bad (except for man-made damage!) DHS suggest that you go to the store to buy Taobao than somewhat formal restaurant people do not trust, it is recommended you buy, the best seeing is believing.
bianfeitailu2010-02-11 17:11:18 +0000 #4
do you do ....

I like you are right-handed horizontal grip the racket, I just stick the day before yesterday, a racket, backplane Stica 2000, rubber 729-2 forehand, backhand rubber 729 Tianyi, the price is 150 yuan or so, I feel pretty good. is a genuine brand. You can check the authenticity. Is also a good feeling to play Austria. However, I do wish another half a year for a junior this year ... I ...
fat right2010-02-11 17:31:16 +0000 #5
Personal recommendations: working on Galaxy MC-3, rubber with mad Biao 3, hardness 41. I use the Pen, is this rubber, but also used other people's Pen, and this same configuration, or a good use, but the price than you intended to be higher, but I feel very values. Also, the Internet is its own point of video is a very good way to learn, I learn Pen Wang to play in college on the Internet to learn all, there are loop drive, and many more practice, there must be no small improvement. Still do not understand, you can add me dwell on. 364,583,569.
dearzhu2010-02-11 18:25:30 +0000 #6
Buy Double Happiness, or the Milky Way floor, do not buy a set of plastic, he bought 729 of the rubber and the sea gp paste, good results.



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