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Ji Qiu: table tennis boards, using a gold Asia. The film is a 729-2.感觉.

yzuqiandongqin2010-02-11 17:01:53 +0000 #1
Just sticky film.

Bottom is golden Asia, 75. Rubber is 729-2, and 40.

Yesterday, when bought, kinda happy about it. Bought back, and went to play a. Feel bad, beat is also shock hands. Wanted to use the Galaxy n9 the floor, and give my students, because in what the store, only one plate of the Milky Way n9.

Say: getting started when the tempo is not particularly important, the key is technology. This sentence is not a little more in place ah?
zeuxis02010-02-11 17:14:20 +0000 #2
recommended novice go to my room to see if I wrote this article

First of all, many say now online assembly, they are worthy of good, and I'll share with you my views, if only to play playing, exercising, there is no need that they are worthy, first of all, and now the brand more rubber on the market, model hybrid, but also select degrees, the viewer is not careful, with a board not as good as finished, I have this summer, and by the Internet encouraged, with a piece of, is not easy to use, and have spent so much money, but also general enough to block the import substrate with a

then with the bottom Palio A1 plus cj8000 was not satisfied with, and also bought the Thunder , Light a result, no one is right for me, I am disheartened to decide their own future will not be equipped with plastic (I have tried for a long time, that is not work)

In fact, personally think that the DHS has been making a good product to use, if only peacetime exercise, increased flexibility, there is no need to say that they are worthy to the Internet, and the effect of each using a different method of distribution varied, there is no need for so frustrating to see Louzhu consider themselves technology in general, do not they are worthy of more , and time-consuming and laborious and expensive, might as well buy a finished film with the use.

This is just my opinion, it is not suitable for everyone. If you have a friend who felt that technology in general, but exercise, have fun, and that they are worthy of it does not mean, I would first buy a finished beating up (of course, to look at brand finished film), such as mature technology, have a fixed style of play when the pulls be too late.
d111111222010-02-11 17:34:56 +0000 #3
If you have just started to do so? make that less is too important, but preferably less, and you use it pretty good啦, but you might do not lie again, and we did not say that sticky cards in hand with the shock The.



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