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Violent red loop drive related issues

To Belt Hand2010-02-11 18:01:48 +0000 #1
ask the right hand pulling the ball when the storm washed loop, moments before hitting his right forearm adduction movements do? How to move the elbow? Wrist movements do? Thanks!
desert Hsiungnu2010-02-11 18:04:18 +0000 #2
natural whereabouts of his right hand, as body-side, the ball surface and pat into the ground at about 30 °, the ball according to the nature, location, some small adjustments. Before hitting the center of gravity in the right leg, the right arm hang down at the ball hits the high ball, hit the left brow homeopathic right arm before the arm, waist, legs, hair strength at the same time, there must be explosive, the focus changed to the his left leg.

As for the wrist, I used to pull the ball before the coach that the wrist should drum up, running in the internal rotation. I think this play is very effective. But I think that the university teachers of table tennis the wrist is flat, do not drum. May play different and personal bar.



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