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Table-tennis courts sport flooring adhesive is a kind of material?

general Flooring2010-02-11 18:01:55 +0000 #1
There is a PVC, and plastic
black dragon bu → Shuai2010-02-11 18:15:12 +0000 #2
Shanghai US HUMEI table-tennis courts PVC plastic floor mats floor

advantages: 1, glass fiber layer so that the floor during use and never shrink.

2, after dealing with anti-aging technology to make the floor resilience better, live longer, cold and extent of anti-aging.

3, a stable recovery performance, there is no flexibility in dead center.

4, friction coefficient appropriate, in each direction of movement to maintain consistent friction performance and regularity, so that rotational movement and in-situ without any hindrance, the athletes move to enhance the flexibility, stability would be enhanced to bring more sports much fun.

6, athletes in the take-off, it can absorb the impact of a large number of volume, the full protection of athletes, ankle, knee and other bodily functions. Meanwhile, the floor will not be produced by vibration caused by movement of the adjacent persons affected.

Structure: ⒈ IGG plastic sports flooring products from PVC wear layer, glass fiber reinforced layer and PVC foaming buffer layer.

⒉ 100% pure PVC wear layer, thickness of 1.2mm, and with anti-aging and fixing technical processing, wear pressure, service life of up to 10 years.

⒊ glass fiber reinforced layers stabilize the venue size, extend the life of the role, so that the floor never shrink, the performance is more stable, so that athletes play a better level.

⒋ closed PVC foaming buffer layer materials, such as air-cushion-type structure, provide absolute security, resilience and standard absorber nature of vibration absorption rate of 30% -50%.

Comfort: ⒈ PVC wear-resistant surface of the orange peel pattern design, the other shoe always bear in the ground, non-slip and can deliver a strong arbitrary power.

⒉ venue with a special surface treatment, in line with the light intensity will not be absorbed and reflected sunlight glare, can better protect the athlete's eyes, and easy fatigue.

⒊ plastic sports floor, the design of user-friendly combination of different venues color, anti-slip and to respond to highly dynamic, anti-scratch texture, new technology development of the PVC foaming buffer layer to bring a reliable guarantee for the health campaign, for professional athletes, ordinary people provide an excellent sports fitness buffer protection, to minimize the athlete's injury, so you safely ride in the sports arena repeatedly comes up trumps.

Mobility: the floor surface texture class ergonomics irregular circular arc edge design, the sliding coefficient of the best value, so that athletes have a better mobility, in order to start, frog jumping, sliding, braking, etc. professional keen to provide highly technical movements of the flexible explosive power structure.

Green environmental protection: This product has high-tech anti-bacterial function, with non-toxic, tasteless, green environmental protection, waterproof, anti-slip, mold bacteria characteristics, the use of this product will make your space more safe and healthy.



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