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What loop combination of fast-break brand of floor better and cheaper (most important), or a butterf

hei Snowman2010-02-11 18:02:07 +0000 #1

cut 10 a wolf2010-02-11 18:15:37 +0000 #2
MC-2 is the five-loop version of pure wood

the surface of ceramic coating increases the speed out of the ball, but the MC-2 among the five plywood is not an absolute soft.

Basically, the person with the MC-2 far more than with the MC-1's, probably because both sides of anti-adhesive loop play those prevailing Bar

The board takes care of fast-break with the loop, the user is more easy to drive, of copying the Stica crystal technology in the version of the structure. Is made inside the crystal floor classic.

Xie Cheng Yuan

Common excellent personal friend

2009-10-23 23:28:16 score: the first time a network-quality shopping, find a good online service is the delivery time too long (six days with EMS, etc.), to get the afternoon, no test, feel better than I shoot five-star compared to the previous DHS, floor light, but a little longer, feeling center of gravity too avant-garde, and fear of poor control, can not be beaten; but because it is a pure wood, and Special crisp sound, it sounds真爽*-*

Shen-ming, general superior of Friends

2009-7-21 9:01:21 individual score: Yesterday, just arrived in the hand as soon as you paste up the glue, and are hand-Hurricane 3,40 degrees, the backhand originally intended with Palio CJ8000, but not goods, to be able to use the cherry blossoms 007 glue felt really good backhand block shot does not like the forum said that there are shock the feeling of hand or slow, pushing playing a very high accuracy rate, but also without losing speed, around, and Hurricane 3,40 degrees related to it, the backhand of the cherry blossoms 007 to be able plastic feel faster, Unfortunately, I pull the ball backhand relatively poor, or no feeling the need to slowly practice, But the feeling of this floor is pull the ball and the boom, the combination of controlled high spent a total of 280 configuration of the piece of plate, using up very smoothly, it feels set, and that it it is not changed, ha ha

Liu Yi

Common excellent Friends

2009-3-6 8:32:57 personal score: Yesterday hand, quality relative to good, try a shot in the afternoon will be

pull the ball well, block shot a little soft, it will always cost very much to say good


Ordinary excellent friend, Mr. Sun

2009-1-7 8:41:58 individual score: Favorable a net purchase, use the two days, is not yet fully meet! mc-2 is quite soft and, in particular, forehand and backhand block shot attack when the elastic is too small. However, simply pull the ball was good when compared to eat the ball. All in all, is a very a cost-effective backplane. However, it is not suitable for fast break of the bottom, if the play fast-break, or do not choose!

Liang excellent with the


2008-9-13 12:49:25 ordinary individual score: This is bottom pull loop Haicou He, but the block shot very hard for me to draw people to the ball, you push up and was really struggling with bottom hand shock , there is a hair empty feeling. I make a month, and do not think what.



2008-7-22 17:09:14 ordinary excellent individual score: MC-2 with mad 3,729-2 very good, and the crazy 3 Preshoot quickly, rotating very strong, is a very good combination, MC-2 is value for money.

¥ 87 yuan
Steel Wall Sports2010-02-11 18:48:44 +0000 #3
Recommend Milky Way, and cheaper. Even butterflies, and price is not high

combination of fast break loop recommended Galaxy M6, than MC2 hard and soft than the M5.

May also consider the Galaxy's new Uranus U1. Is about 100 yuan.
San Marco EX2010-02-11 18:28:43 +0000 #4
Louzhu Hello.

If you just play, and now made in order to beat the Galaxy's most prominent cost-effective. Introduced in the Galaxy beat in so, on MC-1, MC-2, M-4, M-6, U-6 and so on several of the most remarkable (single arc on the processing technology, the tempo has been better than pure wood fiber shoot good), playing very quickly to a sharp arc. The Galaxy Chupin fiber film, in which there are many very good reputation, such as T-1, T-2, 960 and so on, be called a model made of heavy carbon plate, T-8, T-10, K-4, K -2, etc. Fang carbon plate has also made imports more than beat Liu Cheng performance, for amateur players is pretty good, "weapons."

The "just play", then a little butterfly on the excessive consumption of charge, although the performance rated as outstanding, but the price is a bit blurred Routong of. Of course, the butterfly beat and the Galaxy have to beat is not the same class, the butterfly work, selection is also much more advanced than the Milky Way.

Hope you are satisfied.



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