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Table tennis bats rubber will always appear white stuff

zczl19942010-02-11 19:01:09 +0000 #1
My ping-pong paddle is not commonly used, use several times a week. Each time the top will have to use a thin layer of white stuff (which side has the red, black not clear) is not something the dust ... ... hand-polished away, do not have the dust of the Cawan do not know how ... ... going on, how to maintain it?
LC198805032010-02-11 19:07:47 +0000 #2
Are you sure laundering racket with it, if have the habit, then, after washing finished, and so it is dry, with protective film affixed to live, to sporting goods stores can be purchased, I was so However, my ideas, that layer of white stuff indelible, and later posted to live with protective film, there is no recurrence of this problem!
Knight brave spirit of the2010-02-11 19:40:18 +0000 #3
may have been oxidized, and every time you have, uh, kick down to rub down the gas, do not use washing, cleaning the best cleaning agent to buy a racket racket, and then buy a protection racket on the shooting mode attached. This way, should be on the Hang Leba.



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