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I practiced table tennis, some said, when the horizontal plate backhand, wrist can not move, then th

qdggll2010-02-11 19:01:22 +0000 #1

changdang2010-02-11 19:08:24 +0000 #2
places, the dynamic can not be moved? This is what those who want to appear to the ball ah ... ...

you practice table tennis, surely you are a beginner ah, I said, Well, here is my personal experience, want to help you, we are all table tennis fans ah,呵呵
do not turn the ball for the ball, or slightly on the spin should be hitting mainly the wrist hardly move, but do not be too stiff ... ... the body to coordinate stretch is mainly driven arm wrist, in the high period of the ball, hair force, hit play, not to turn the wrist shot, a bit like a micro-sense of rejection, in fact, hair force, an instant hit play ... ...

for the spin to the ball is on the ball, that is, the ball is red, we should pay attention Pressure shot, it is almost immobile arm (of course, this is not an absolute ... ..., I used to be brought forward to increase the speed and quality back to the ball, beginners are not anxious about the first, ah), to control the strike the impact point to prevent a golf ... ...

for the next spin the ball, or the light hitting the ball from the other side, if the next spin is not strong, you can Qingtiao, or the ball back quickly, or the ball can be hit when a relatively high fight, when you want to call the ball, it must move the wrist, which requires the accumulation of experience, multi-playing the, attention to quality and angle of

for the strong backspin (introduced as well ... ...), arm backward cited shoot Charge and pay attention to the use of the wrist, the ball drop in pre-friction ball, the wrist will definitely move, and the key lies in the friction should be sufficient to reality, and pay attention to closed arm, (it is not pulling the ball all the action here is ... ... that backhand, Lou Zhu Mo misunderstanding ... ...), for close to the table strong backspin on the twist in the past ah, then, and so a good time, beginners Moji, basic is better, technology and training ... slowly ...

Well, almost , also wrote a lot of ah, all my personal experience of it, if there are other opinions welcomed downstairs to add, I qq715433156, we exchange more exchanges ... ...
Koala 20102010-02-11 19:08:13 +0000 #3
dynamic, everyone can not be changed?
Sulphone Lan2010-02-11 19:50:12 +0000 #4
see their hobby

maybe you'll create a new style of play out of it? Table Tennis Wang Hao

example, does not require the routines
huterx2010-02-11 20:35:17 +0000 #5
, body-driven arm. Table tennis is to use physical play.



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