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With ping-pong paddle

court dance2010-02-11 19:01:28 +0000 #1
Galaxy k4 with 729-08 and bomb BOMB standard Veyron Violent Anti-sleeve plastic to be able to do
Northeast Grass soldiers2010-02-11 19:11:36 +0000 #2
What A play?

K-4 rather hard, 729 -- 08 Do not equipped with high degrees of

Galaxy K-4 User Experience Evaluation:

Today is my feeling of playing the best time, the Galaxy k4 quite good, stability, speed, strength, rotation, long, short, and cooking , pull, fight, pick, very balanced in all aspects, hitting the sound nicely. Fortunately, nothing more than butterfly boll spirit, though not used. I have finally determine the configuration of the forehand: 2046 high-handed backhand: cj8000 sides arc. Special backhand chop is transferred.

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