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Ping-pong rubber bottom and sleeve consult

K25192010-02-11 19:01:59 +0000 #1
I am ready to get hold of a butterfly 30811 or 30861, cover with plastic, then yes Hurricane 3 provincial forehand backhand Nittaku REFOMA chose forehand with buses, backhand with 430 degrees shore? Another difference between 30811 and 30861 Where is .. Thank you!
liruifan6092010-02-11 19:03:51 +0000 #2
Louzhu Hello. I use the bottom is the butterfly 30811, feeling very good, at the end is enough to fresh, suitable for attack, and stand-off when pulled. 30861 have never seen nor used, but the Internet search a bit is pure wood, felt inappropriate, offensive and locked in a stalemate. I am working with a beginning of an ordinary hurricane 2, and later for the Hurricane 3, are not satisfied with. Now I am using a Purple Nigeria α, feeling good. I have been using a backhand DONIC of F1, feeling very good in this set of plastic if you can, you can try, Hehe -
Diablo _ _2010-02-11 19:21:20 +0000 #3
30811 is the Bohr-fang carbon, 30861 is a 5 wood floor, the difference great. Hard and elastic carbon plate suitable for attack, pure wood soft, vibration, suitable for defense. People like a good general election offensive.

State candidate sets of rubber, then surely the election Province mad + REFOMA (such as Malone), so a good ball control. This is only equipped with carbon plate, then would be too hard too elastic and become difficult to control. Most of the foreign players like the forehand with buses, the backhand with 430 degrees shore of sets of this astringent gel configuration, but that need a big fat power loop can be pulled out the need to better support the nature of the carbon plate with the better.



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