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Table tennis players to help out! 50 points reward!

mitsui07692010-02-11 20:01:04 +0000 #1
Recently bought a butterfly XSTAT-FL, like five layers of pure wood, I heard more suitable for beginners. Posted Tian Ji 2 forehand, the backhand posted 729-40s, feeling apart from forehand fast loop, and relatively easy forehand beyond the defensive, basically no satisfactory place. Especially the backhand, feeling no power, offensive power but also the need to take the initiative made good control in order to control, not an unsolicited eat rotating force. Evening, and a master contest of strength, then I ask him questions about my board. He said that my board too bad, and yes kids play. I would like to ask:

1, this board really so disappointing?

2, if not too bad, What are the advantages of this board is suitable for any style of play?

3, I play with a rubber suited to do this?

4, there are more suitable rubber recommend? Especially the backhand, and now feel no force, eating too much spin (backhand return of serve is very awkward). My backhand is generally excessive, and sometimes surprise, very few take the initiative to attack. Is in hand to refer to question 5.

5, I'm good at serving sights on (usually a board died) and the chopping power of a later robbed pull pull fast loop (do not know if fast loop because it is relatively flat hair pulling power of the ball), anyway rely on forehand power. Playing like that, what is the recommended floor? Price not more than 500 - with what the rubber, being no more than 150, backhand does not exceed 100 -

6, which are needed for the offensive backhand? (I am tall and 180, it was said that I carry too much elbow - how to solve?) Please binding assay.

To add that I have received less formal school training, and some grounding, but like table tennis, table tennis understanding of this very well. But this year suddenly start to think about ourselves and master table tennis, game of less experienced. I now juniors, and 88 years.

hanleizhangli2010-02-11 20:06:49 +0000 #2

you say need to unsolicited backhand power and good control and then be able to control, not an unsolicited eat power switch. This is normal. Fa Fa Li is a force in the friction and batting strength is concerned, in order to spin rotation as well as the strength g g spin speed. The beat-type control is more important, for what kind of come to the ball, with what kind of film-based point of view to pick up. You described, I get the feeling that is easy to fight back to the ball ah, maybe you are not so mean. I think there is, or should you have to improve technology.

I am a Pen, shake-hands grip the occasional fun, and 729 used to play for me this crazy three people, it is definitely high-elastic cover plastic, it is out of the ball, a high arc. So, you really can not say how the anti-plastic gloves. However, as previously said, you have to improve the technology, 40S is absolutely lethal.

Backhand the ball is transferred to eat the same token, the return of serve, or to determine the problem, the relationship with the rubber is relatively small. With a backhand return of serve is usually the ah then see the game, one could still go to places with the backhand forehand return of serve to.

You should be a very good forehand, but also not seen how you say forehand rubber uncomfortable, but it is still an individual, feel Tianji than speculation, but ultimately a matter of personal feel of.

Then talk about the floor. Although this bottom cheap, but quality is no problem, should be all-round type of bar. Butterfly backplane are soft, can be considered STIGA, but the models do not understand, and do not play shake-hands grip. I used to provide two types of double happiness, and used non-Hurricane King Wang Liqin floor, Yuan-tai, very good, but close to the table a bit before. Wang Nan is to control the ball very fine, close to the table a very good attack, Yuan-tai, soft. STIGA upstairs to say that models should be good.

While cheaper does restrict the floor to play, especially when attacking the ball slow. But is technology-oriented.

Backhand offensive question, you said that lifting the elbow high. Carry a high elbow, and is bound in front of your upper arm had gone out into, so you are hitting with the forearm of the wave in the hair strength, upper arm muscle groups you are no strong play, and at the same time lift After elbow, your racket cited shot point on the increase, so pull down the ball spin when Citation beat shortening the distance. You can try to make the arm to relax, so that the upper arm close to the body, it can be conscious when shooting in the Citation arm straight down to stimulate you put the elbow down. Wang Liqin is said to have carried a child elbow problems, the coach put in his armpit a little yarn ball, once the yarn ball falls, it shows that he carried the elbow. Lianqiu sense when you have to let the upper arm close to your body, reducing the angle of the elbow open.

These are the shake-hands grip the ball backhand teaching video, but I can not see video in the unit, you can own search.

The correct action is to play guarantee. The right to attack the ball moves, in order to excel at the right pull the ball moves, if the attack had carried the ball moves in the elbow of the problems, then practice pulling the ball movement is wrong, it is difficult to pull high-quality ball.

Stereotyped action is necessary to spend a little effort, you can hand mirror to do the swing exercise, compared to teaching in the video action, so easy to find their own movement problems. To reaches a shot, that is, formal action enough. In addition, the arm should be relaxed, the elbow still have to lift the lift, such as the backhand pick to play in Taiwan, you need lifting. To achieve arbitrary action.

Finally, for shooting the problem is not to rush it, if there is no corrective action and improve their skills, even if the new racket in his hand may not necessarily be able to play strike, will find this uncomfortable, it was not uncomfortable.
I know who 8682010-02-11 20:20:25 +0000 #3
pull loop the ball, then you still buy a STIGA Stiga Ebony 5 Ebenholz Nano V bottom plate

forehand or backhand with Hurricane 3 rubber butterfly EL with the bar that is relatively well controlled backhand

the main or backhand is also issuing power point bar
no wine grape Magic Cup2010-02-11 20:52:04 +0000 #4
I said, a practical point bar!

1. You this board is not bad. What is the difference board you asked that person yet? Suited to their own, 50 of money is a good board. You pull loop, buy a 1000 seven folders, it can be a good banmo? Why is this board suitable for beginners because it is five folders wood, the most important thing is to feel good. Beginners feel is very important. What is the carbon panels are a different feeling, you have to use plain wooden train feel, knowing the feeling of eating the ball, the ball feel. Are familiar with after playing for others to find the same hand in order to lay the ball. What is the feeling of eating the ball is the same. You have to pull loop, which are looking for plain wooden board to stay in this feeling.

2. Mody pure wood, no power is normal. Which five do not need hair clip made? Do not eat fat force the ball, followed by holding a cotton-like. This is a good board to use, manual is better. What is the transition of technology, with啦, block, what's bad play. Because the soft board and characteristics. Loop should be a good pull, but always remember to take the initiative hair strength. You leveraging through which found itself on the vent capacity.

3. Since you're trained, and now felt that this board did not force, or else you will change the board, or to practice backhand. Yao also be considered for rubber, effectiveness, or their own feelings. I think you are trained, the backhand bad change. You have practiced the basic skills backhand bar, elbows high and that is the physical reasons, Wang Liqin has elbow high, but do not need to change, need to adapt.

4. For the ball, then a change in the carbon plate is better. Wave of carbon is a relatively good reputation. But you may find it expensive. I do not shake-hands grip, they can only talk so much. Backhand is best not to fight the country sets. To make an internal energy or the jacket better. State sets backhand rubber, in addition to CJ8000 value for money, other real to boast about. Forehand can be. Hurricane Tian Ji Yao, the National sets is that this canon.
_ Diablo _2010-02-11 20:56:36 +0000 #5
LZ set of glue I used, feel the same deeply inside cattle sounded. . .

1. Not so bad, but this board is designed for beginners, small handle suitable for children = =

2. The basis for practice.

3. Your rubber more suitable for fast break. 729-40S of the loop performance, it is certainly not loud noise drops, there must be a very good base in order to pull strike, easy to eat spin. I regret it now also posted 729-40S, and colloid is too short, too thick skin, loop chopping all too hard. It is only 2.1mm thick fancy, easy to transparent plate, not willing to throw. Tian Ji 2 depends on what your hardness, and 40 degrees Tian Ji is on the two pairs of amateur little difficult to control the.

4. Backhand focus 2. Power has little to do with the glue sets, it is necessary flexibility in the election of Japanese or German sponge. Yingjie, or cheetah.

5. This price you can buy a good configured. Even recommended斯蒂卡纳米OC, very suitable for amateur players. Of course, a floor recommended Ebony 5 performance better, just the price. . . Rubber gloves are strongly recommended NEO Hurricane 3, I was using (I am also working on strong), pull the ball Shuang, a board before, to avoid filling glue, performance, quite organic filling glue Hurricane 3. Backhand to buy a coat of your points, no money to buy the focus 2. See you know a lot of ping-pong, hardness, choose their own bar, do not speak out of turn of the. The best buy 2.15,2.10 mm in thickness. Even Amoy a block 2.15mm thickness NEO Hurricane 3, Shuang zai!

6. Horizontal plate backhand attack was to lift the elbow, otherwise difficult to pull loop and pay attention to actions to restore.

PS: LZ is my classmate, shaking hands, you are like me. You are now using both sets of plastic I just used.



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