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Table tennis, three kinds of loop the ball the pros and cons of Rafah ask

iiscat42010-02-11 20:01:29 +0000 #1

3 kinds of anti-adhesive loop the ball the pros and cons of Rafah Analysis:

1, plus turn loop, beat a small forward, eat the ball and more rapid resumption arm upward when the friction more, pull the last ball spin strong, slow, powerful.

2, fast loop, getting some type forward, rubbing the ball will be done, but the ball an instant income more than arm forward, past the ball spin is weak, a smaller force, but the ball quickly.

3, beat forward more, less friction and eat the ball, the ball floating, more slowly, relatively short, two-hop sink significantly.

I ask you: the latter two should belong to the fast loop the ball bar, but I do not know what I should pursue, both the pros and cons of each what is it? Or some kind of ball for a pull-law? Two Rafah is of course to combine, and let the other bad elusive. It should be a different situation to the ball for different anti-pull method, right? When suitable plus turn, when to use forward setting it?

A friend said that when the third part of an occasional attack, but, on the first two is the real pull Bipin, is justified but the case? Some people say that a third of low-hand Rafah wonders, but the master, because the ball is slow, give the other party have the opportunity to pull the forward setting a very fierce, and so then die, the case? They said that the rotation of fast loop is not the focus should be the pursuit of speed and impact point, and increase the friction is not the key, the case?

TXL14172010-02-11 20:07:45 +0000 #2
your friend is right justified, table tennis, stressed that "fast accurate, and relentless change", here is a change, I think there are two cases, which is very easy to distinguish the use of Rafah , in general, if the ball is relatively high, it certainly is a forward setting; if lower spherical segment, and the relatively strong backspin, then turn loop with the increase.

For these two can pull the ball, you can not change the law, which would allow opponents under pressure.

The third pull-law should be called pseudo-arc of the bar, I'm not too clear, that very little pull.
jerrygs92010-02-11 20:45:23 +0000 #3
opponent in different loop response is different, I was playing straight fast break, and was afraid the first



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