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In November more than a dozen Asian European table tennis competitions, live a specific date and tim

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Europe - Asia's All-Star Series, when the Chinese stop Bo International and the European Table Tennis Union, the Asian Table Tennis Union, the Chinese Table Tennis Association, co-founded the world's top table tennis tournament. When Bo International as the only event in the Asian region and promoter, has been with the Asian Table Tennis Union and the Chinese Table Tennis Association signed a five-year (from 2009 to 2013) events co-operation agreement.

Euro-Asian All-Star Table Tennis Tournament is the world's top ranked Asian player in Europe against the world's top ranked player, tournament host country can have two players. In the Asian-Star team from China has sent two of the world's top ranked athletes in other three athletes from three countries or regions of the world's top ranked athletes in Asia; European-Star team from five countries in the world's highest-ranked 5 European athletes. Match a total of 2 days.

According to world rankings to invite athletes, a wild card players from the European Table Tennis Union or the Asian Table Tennis Union, each responsible for the selection.

Competition from the Asian All-Star team and the European all-star teams in a game, each team participated in five singles matches, each game to take four wins in seven Bureau competition system.

November 10 to 11 in Istanbul, Turkey, the second round of battle.



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