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Table tennis has shot limit for each round do

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no limit. The following are rules of the game, you look at 2.9 and 2.10 re-serve a point will understand.

2. Table Tennis Competition Rules


2.1.1 spherical segment of the upper surface of spherical segment is called the match table, should be parallel with the horizontal rectangle, long 2.74 meters wide and 1.525 meters, 76 cm high from the ground.

2.1.2 Competition table does not include the vertical side of the table with the tables in this pool.

2.1.3 The playing surface can be made of any material, shall have the same flexibility, that is, when the standard ball from a height of 30 cm from the table down to the table, the bounce height should be about 23 cm.

2.1.4 The playing surface should be uniform was dark, dull, each 2.74 meters of the race along the edge of each table a 2 cm wide white edges, each of 1.525 meters of the race along the edge of each table a 2 cm wide a white end line.

2.1.5 Competition with the end of the table by a vertical line parallel to the net is divided into two equal areas of Taiwan, the Taiwan District, the whole area should be a whole.

2.1.6 doubles, all the Taiwan area shall be a 3 mm wide, white center line is divided into two equal "half-zone." Midline and the edges parallel to, and should be considered as part of the right-half area.

2.2 the net device

2.2.1 the net devices include the net, hanging net rope, net post and fixed them to the ball part of the table clamp

2.2.2 the net to be hung on a rope, the rope ends the Department of 15.25 centimeters high pillar upright net, net post to leave the outer edge of the outer edges of the distance of 15.25 centimeters.

2.2.3 on top of the net throughout the match away from the table 15.25 centimeters.

2.2.4 the entire bottom edge of the net should be close to the game table, its ends should be close to the net post.


2.3.1 The ball shall be spherical ball with a diameter of 40 mm.

2.3.2 ball weight 2.7 grams.

2.3.3 ball of celluloid or similar material, white or orange, and matt.

2.4.1 racket size, shape and weight limitation. But the bottom should be flat and rigid.

2.4.2 floor should be at least 85% of the thickness of the natural wood. Strengthen the bottom of the adhesive layer can be used, such as carbon fiber, glass fiber or compressed paper fiber material, each layer adhesive layer does not exceed 7.5% of the total thickness of floor, or 0.35 millimeters.

2.4.3 is used to the racket hit the ball out of the ordinary application of a layer of granular rubber particles covered with adhesive, the thickness of not more than 2 mm; or sponge particles inward or outward rubber cover, together with the adhesive, thickness not more than 4 millimeters. "Ordinary pimpled rubber" is a layer of bubble-free natural rubber or synthetic rubber, its particles must be less than 10 per square centimeter, more than 50, the average density distribution of the entire surface. "sponge rubber" that is a layer of foam rubber covered with a layer of ordinary pimpled rubber, the thickness of ordinary plastic particles less than 2 mm.

2.4.4 cover should cover the entire film surface, but not more than the edge. Components and near the Grip finger grip portion may be covered by the Executive, any material can also be covered.

2.4.5 backplane, backplane any of the sandwich as well as for any batting side of the cover and the adhesive layer should be of uniform thickness of a whole.

2.4.6 racket cover both sides of whether or not to be dull, and one side is bright red, the other side is black.

2.4.7 due to accidental damage, wear or fade, resulting in surface film integrity and color consistency of a slight difference. Film surface as long as no significant change in performance, can be allowed.

2.4.8 and the beginning of the race during the race racket players need to be replaced, it must demonstrate to each other and the referee that he would want to use the racket, and allow them to check.

2.5 Definition

2.5.1 "round": the state of the ball is in play for some time.

2.5.2, "play the ball at the state," from pre-conscious tee, the ball still in the hands of non-racket hand the last moment, to the round score or re-sentenced to serve.

2.5.3 "heavy ball": no sub-point round.

2.5.4, "a sub": sub-point round.

2.5.5, "free hand": is holding the racket hand.

2.5.6 "non-racket hand": not holding the racket hand.

2.5.7, "shot": with the grip of the racket in your hand or the racket hand below the wrist part of the ball.

2.5.8, "block": the last shot hit from the other side of the Taiwan area, if a positive match on the table or the table movement direction of the ball, in the Taiwan area did not touch on this side, nor did it cross the end line before, that is, Athletes hit the side or wear any article.

2.5.9, "made the players": In one round, first hitting athlete.

2.5.10 "sending and receiving players: In a round, the second shot athlete.

2.5.11" referee: The person appointed to administer a game.

2.5.12 "deputy judge": has been designated to assist the referee in some respects those who work.

2.5.13 "the wearing or wearing" items: refers to athletes in the beginning of a round wearing or wear any article, but does not include the match ball.

2.5.14 "passes over or around the net device": In addition to the net and competition from the table and from the ball passed between the network and the grid passed between the circumstances, the ball should be viewed as to have been "passing over or around" the net device.

2.5.15 spherical segment of the "end line": includes tables in this pool-side line and end line at both ends of the infinite extension.


2.6.1 serve the legitimate ball, the ball should be placed on the palm of your hand is not free hand, palm open, and stretched flat. The ball should be stationary, in the ball-side end line after the water level above the competition table.

2.6.2-fat players to hand the ball almost vertically upward toss, not spin the ball and make the ball leave the hand not holding the clapped his hands after the rise of not less than 16 cm, the ball fell to the shot in the former can not be met out of any object.

2.6.3 When the ball from the throw up the highest point of decline, made before the players hit the ball, the ball hit the side sets the first area, and then passes over or around the net device, and then sending and receiving player touches the Taiwan area. In doubles, the ball shall touch successively the players and the players of the right half of the sending and receiving areas.

2.6.4 from the drop before the ball still, when the last moment to hit the ball and the racket shall be above the horizontal plane in the game table.

2.6.5 hit, the ball shall serve after the side's end line, but not more than fat players body (arms, head or leg, except) the part farthest away from the end line.

2.6.6 athletes serve, should be allowed to referee or umpire to see whether he is legally serve in accordance with the provisions of serve. If the umpire made the players doubt the correctness of a ball movement, and he or deputy referee is not convinced that the ball movement is not illegal, a game for the first time this phenomenon occurs, the referee can warn the players issued but not sub-contractors. in the same game, if the player or his doubles partner made serve the correctness of the action once again under suspicion, regardless of whether or not for the same reason, were sentenced to serve receive side had a point., whether for the first time or at any time, as long as the players obviously has not issued lawfully serve in accordance with the provisions of serve, he will be sentenced to lose one point, without warning.

2.6.7 athletes because of physical injury and can not legally serve strict compliance with certain provisions may be made to waive the referee's decision, subject to the referee before the game description.


2.7.1 the other party serve the legitimate fight back or retaliate, the athletes must hit the side, so that the ball directly over or around the net device, or after touching the net device, and then hit the other Taiwan area.


2.8.1 in the singles matches in the order of the first legitimate ball player by the hair, and then retaliate by sending and receiving legitimate players, and then alternating between the legitimate fight back.

2.8.2 In doubles, the first legitimate ball player from the hair, and then the players from sending and receiving legitimate back, then made the player's companion legitimate fight back, and then the players by sending and receiving legitimate riposte companion, after which players take turns legally demolished fight back.

2.9 re-serve

2.9.1 Round of the following conditions should be sentenced to re-serve:, if made the players sent the ball over or around the net in the device and hit the net device, then serve or take to become a lawful Fat players or blocking their peers. If the players or the sending and receiving side is not ready for the return of serve, the ball has been issued, and the access to the players or the return of serve made no attempt to hit the ball square. As a result of interference beyond the control of the athletes, leaving players unable to serve the legitimate and lawful fight back or to comply with the rules. referee or deputy referee suspended the game.

2.9.2 can be suspended in the following situations play: due to correct the serve, then serve the order or direction errors; due to the implementation of the rotation serve France; due to a warning or punishment athlete; As the game environment, interference, resulting in the Round results may be affected.

2.10 pm

2.1O.1 In addition to a re-sentenced to serve a round, players get one point the following conditions: the other players can not legally serve;

2.1O.1.2 the other players can not legally retaliate;

2.1O .1.3 athletes serve or fight back, the other athletes in the shot before the ball touches the net addition to anything outside the facility; hitting each other later, the ball did not touch on this side of the Taiwan Area and across the end line side ; the other block; the other combos; the other side does not meet 1.4.3,1.4.4 and 1.4.5 with the provisions of the racket hit the ball; the other player or his to wear any of the East to make two tables in this pool mobile; the other athletes or wear anything that he touches the net device; free hand touches the other player does not match the table; doubles, the other players hit the ball the order of the error; serve the implementation of the rotation law, the terms of 1.15.2 appears.

2.11 1

2.11.1 in a Bureau of Competition Bureau of game, served 11 points for the winner of the party. 10 levels, the first multi-party to get two points for the winner.


2.12.1 game match the number of Board by a single component.

2.12.2 game should be continuous, unless they are licensed intermittent.

2.13 serve, serve and azimuth according to the choice of

2.13.1 choices serve, return of serve and such party, that party should draw the power to decide. Successful applicants can choose to serve first or the first return of serve, or select first in the party.

2.13.2 When one player selected the first tee or the first return of serve, or select first in a particular direction, the other players there must be another option.

2.13.3 in access to every two hours later, the return of serve side becomes ball side, and so on, until the council end of the game, or until the two sides have reached the score 10 points or serve to implement the rotation method, this time, serve, and sending and receiving the order remains the same, but each only made one round-pointers.

2.13.4 In doubles, the first Bureau of Competition, first serve party first made to determine the players, and then the first return of serve by sending and receiving sides to determine the players first. Bureaux in subsequent games, the first made to determine the players, the first player should be sending and receiving a bureau of the former athletes who serve him.

2.13.5 In doubles, each change of service, the front of the players should be made sending and receiving player, hair in front of fellow players should be sending and receiving player.

2.13.6 a bureau in the first serve of the party, in which the field the next Board should first return of serve. In the doubles decider, when the party served five time-sharing, then the exchange of the return of serve shall serve the order.

2.13.7 a bureau, in a particular direction the party game, in which the field should be replaced by the next Board to the other side bits. In the deciding game, the one-come-five time-sharing, the two sides should exchange position.

2.14 serve, then serve the order and orientation errors

2.14.1 referee Once a serve, then serve the order of error, should immediately suspend the game, according to the start of the game to establish the order, according to the court by the score should serve or the return of serve athletes serve or return of serve; in doubles, according to Board which found errors in the first party has the right to serve the order established to correct, continue with the race.

2.14.2 referee Once a player should be exchanged without the exchange of position, it should immediately suspend the game, according to the start of the game to establish the order, according to market players to be on the correct score to correct position, and then continue with the race.

2.14.3 In any case, before the error was found in all scores are valid.

2.15 rotation serve France

2.15.1 If a bureau for 10 minutes into the game not yet completed (both sides have to win at least nine other than time-sharing), or at any time before players of both parties request, should be rotated so serve France. time limit to when the ball is still in play state, the referee should immediately suspend the match. Been suspended by the hair round the players serve, continue with the race. time limit to when the ball is not in game condition by the previous round of sending and receiving serve the players continue to play.

2.15.2 Since then, every round of the athletes made a point shot until the end of the council. If the return of serve were conducted at 13 times the legal counterattack, then sentenced to serve side lost one point.

2.15.3 rotation serve France after a practice or a game I had 10 minutes remaining in the game must be implemented in various bureaux serve rotation method.

3.1, the scope of application of rules and procedures

3.1.1 game type "international competition", that is more than one association of the athletes race. "International Competition", that is, between the different associations team game. "Open", that is, all athletes are invited to participate in the Association game. "limited competition", that is, except outside the age group is limited to specific groups of athletes to participate in the game. "Invitational", that is limited to the individual invitation to specify athletes race. 3.1.2 In addition to the scope of application as otherwise provided in, the rules would apply to the world, continents, and Olympic competitions, Open and international competitions, unless the participation of the Association to reach another agreement. Open The Council may authorize the organizers of the experiment made use of the Board contracting rules. International Competition of order shall apply to the following games: world and Olympic competitions, unless authorized by the Council of the additional protocols, and advance notice of each of the participating associations; Chau competition, unless the Island Federation of licensing another point of order, and advance notice of each of the participating associations; Open Championship (, unless the ITTF Executive Committee of the additional procedures permitted by the Participants shall be agreed according to the provisions of Article; Open, exception of provisions. does not meet any of the provisions of order organized by the Open, to be described in the application form changes in the nature and scope; fill out and submit the application form should be regarded as potential participants agreed to include changing the content of the game, including the conditions. recommends that this race a point of order applies to all international competitions, but in compliance with the statute's conditions, the non-member unit of the organization's international restrictions on competition, tournament, as well as licensed international competition, which could be held in the rules organizer. The rules and procedures of international competition are considered applicable to all international competitions, unless the prior consent of the changes, or a clear written procedures have been published in the Competition. A detailed description and understanding of procedures, including equipment specifications, instructions should be authorized by the Council of the "technical instruments", "race officials Handbook" and "referee Manual" published in the form. Equipment and racing conditions


3.2.1 approvals and permits equipment of the game equipment, approval or permission by the equipment, the Acting Council Executive; if at any time found to continue production or use of a product on the table tennis movement of hazardous, the Council may cancel the approval of the equipment. Open entry form or contest guidelines should detail the use of tables in this pool, the net devices as well as the brand and color of the ball; equipment choice should match the location of the existing associations from the ITTF approved brands and models selection. racket ball racket surface of the cover should be permitted ITTF existing brands and models, and in its edges must be accompanied by clearly visible mark model and the ITTF (ITTF) tags. will be available from the Secretariat in the racket racket covering adhesive glue on the list without permission. Competition 3.2.2 apparel clothing generally include short-sleeved sports shirt, shorts or skirts, socks and sports shoes; and other apparel, such as semi-or full sets of sportswear, no wear during the competition, but was head judge except when permitted. short-sleeved jerseys (except the sleeves and collar), shorts or skirts should match the main color of the color of the ball significantly different. short-sleeved sweater on the back can have numbers or words, used to indicate that athletes, athletes, associations, or in the club game that players of the club, as well as comply with the terms of ads. In the short-sleeved jersey in the middle of the back should be given priority by the organizers to wear set numbers used to indicate the status of athletes, cloth, rather than advertising. This number should be a rectangular cloth, with an area no larger than 600 square centimeters. in the sportswear front or side of any mark or decoration as well as athletes wear any article, such as decorative jewelry, etc., should not be too visible or reflective, thus affecting the other's sight. Clothing may not be displeased with the possible movement or discredit the reputation of this item in the design and the words. of the competition the legitimacy and acceptability of services matter for the referee to determine that. Team with the athletes, or athletes, the same association, consisting of doubles, to be wearing the same clothing, except footwear. game two players should be dressed in sportswear significantly different colors, so that viewers can easily distinguish them. When the two sides athlete or sports team colors similar to the clothing worn, and are unwilling to change, it shall be determined by lot one of the parties must be replaced. athletes in the world, Olympic or International Open Championship, wearing short-sleeved sports shirt, shorts or skirts, etc. for the Association shall be approved by species. Division 3.2.3 Space race conditions should be not less than 14 meters long, 7 meters wide and 5 meters high. Division should be 75 cm high baffle of the same dark enclosed in order to separate the adjacent stadium and spectators. in the world and the Olympic games, from the game table height measured illumination shall not be less than 1000 lux, and the uniform illumination throughout the game table, in other parts of the Division shall not be less than 500 lux of illumination; other competitions, contests Table of illumination not less than 600 lux, and the uniform illumination throughout the game, the rest of Division not less than 400 lux of illumination. using multiple tables in this pool when the lighting levels should be consistent, match the background of the hall playing area lighting shall not exceed the minimum illumination. Lighting shall not be less than 5 meters from the ground. venue four weeks should normally be as dark, there should be a bright light source, or from the windows did not increase to cover the sunlight through. shallow or reflective color of the floor can not be strong or skid, and the surface shall not be brick, concrete or stone; in the world and Olympic competition, the floor should be wood or ITTF approved by a certain brand and type of mobile Plastic floor. Advertising 3.2.4 In the event area, ads can only be set in the provision of equipment and devices to display, and can not set up a separate ad. tournament anywhere in the region are not allowed the use of fluorescent or luminous color. baffle inside the words and markings prohibit the use of white or yellow, and not more than two colors, the total height should be limited to 40 cm or less; recommend the use of more than the background color or light some dark color. face on the floor and the tables in this pool, side marker on the color should be dark or light in the background in, or is black. Competition regional ground up to 4 ads, spherical segment and each face of each side can have an ad, each ad's total area shall not exceed 2.5 square meters; advertising and shall not be less distance from the baffle at 1 m, at both ends of the advertising language should not baffle the distance more than 2 meters. spherical segment two sides each 1 / 2 and the face may have a temporary advertisement, the ad must not be the other table tennis equipment suppliers of advertising, but also must have a clear distinction between permanent ads; each of the total advertising Length should not exceed 60 cm. ball online advertising should be deep or shallow in the background color, and the net at the top of the distance of not less than 3 cm, and may not cover the mesh. district tournament referee or other device on the table the ad, any of its side of the total area of not more than 750 square cm; athletes clothing ads should be subject to the following restrictions: manufacturer's normal trademarks, marks or names, representing a total area of not more than 24 square cm; short-sleeved sports shirt front and side can not have three or more ads and a total area of not more than two hundred square centimeters, and each ad must be clearly separated; short-sleeved sweater on the back may have an area of not more than two hundred square centimeters of advertising; shorts or short skirts can be not more than 2, the total area of not more than 80 square centimeters of advertising. athlete numbers of advertising a total area of the cloth shall not be more than one hundred square centimeters. referee clothing ads on the total area must not exceed 40 square centimeters. race suit and number of the cloth can not have tobacco products, alcoholic beverages or harmful drug ads.

3.3 referee personnel management authority referee 3.3.1 shall appoint a referee for each race long, their identity and place of work should inform all participants and team leader. referee the following items should be responsible for: presided over lottery; arranged match schedules; assigned to match staff; presided over referee The pre-race short-Council; mobilization of qualified examiners; decide whether or during times of emergency interruption of the competition; decision in a game players can leave the stadium ; deciding whether to extend the legal practice time; decided to match athletes can wear long sportswear; of the interpretation of the rules and procedures of any question decisions, including clothing, equipment and race conditions, the acceptability of the race; decided to play an emergency interrupt, athletes can practice and practice location; for bad behavior or other violations of procedures behavior to take disciplinary action. by the Competition Management Committee agreed that, when the head judge of any of the duties entrusted to a number of other staff, these personnel in each of the special responsibilities and place of work should inform the participants and the captain. referee or in his absence is responsible for the agent's deputy chief judge, in the race should be the venue throughout the visit. If the referee deems it necessary, may at any time to replace the referee staff, but may not be replaced in the changes within its mandate to make a determination on questions of fact. 3.3.2 each game the referee shall be assigned to a referee and an umpire. referees should be sitting or standing on tables in this pool side, with the net into a straight line. Umpire should face the judges sitting on tables in this pool on the other side. referee following items should be responsible for: Check the conditions of competition and competition equipment acceptability, if any issue to the referee report;

according to and terms of the arbitrary taking a ball; chaired by drawing lots to determine serve, return of serve and orientation; to decide whether due to physical disability athletes to relax certain legal serve These requirements; Control of position and serve, then serve the order to correct the above-mentioned parties error; decided that each one had a round of sub-or re-serve; According to the procedure laid down the score; at the appropriate time to implement the rotation of driving laws; to maintain the continuity of the game; breach of guidance or acts outside the regulations to take action., deputy state match referees decision is whether the ball touched his latest game from the upper edge of the table. judge or deputy judge may sentence: players serve an unlawful actions; legally serve the ball over or around the net device is touching the net device; athletes stop; competition environment from accidental interference, the round results may be affected; master the practice time, game time and interval. implementation of the rotation serve the law, deputy judge or another designated officer may as a referee counts members, namely, the return of serve side batting plate number of athletes. referee or umpire shall not be rejected by counting the examination under the terms of, and make a decision. complaint 3.3.3 The two sides in the single player game or in the team event between the two sides reached an agreement captain can not change the match referee's decision on a question of fact, nor can we to change the referee on the interpretation of rules or a point of order made by the decision; not alter the Competition Management Committee is contests and competitions for management decisions. officers of the relevant questions of fact made by the referee's decision not to appeal referee; to referee on the interpretation of rules or point of order, the decision not to appeal to the Management Committee. of the referee staff on the interpretation of rules or a point of order not accept the decision made, they can appeal to the head judge, head judge of the decision shall be final. of the referee on the rules or procedures not included in the competition are management issues in the decision to have different views, they can key competition complaints to the Board, the Commission decision shall be final. In the individual competition, only by the athletes on the problems arising in games to appeal; in team events, then only by the captain of teams on the race problems in a complaint. of the referee on the interpretation of rules or a point of order made by the decision or the Competition Management Committee on the issue of race management decision still disputed, it can have the right to appeal by the athlete or team leader, through their respective associations will be the matter to the ITTF Rules Committee for consideration. of the Rules Committee will make a ruling, as a guide for future decision. Respective associations still on the decision to the Board by or on behalf of the General Assembly to raise objections, but does not affect the referee or the Competition Commission has made any final decision.

3.4 Competition 3.4.1 Management When the score the ball one end of the game state, or in circumstances permit, the umpire should immediately call the score. reported that time-sharing, the referee should first reported that the next round was about to serve a party to score, and then the other side were reported scores. start of the race and the exchange of a Board made the players when the referee finished the score in the newspaper, it should be reported out of the names of the players made the next round, and use gestures serve a specified parties. a Board end of the game, the referee should first reported that the winner athlete's name, and then reported that the winner must score in the newspaper the negative side were scores. In addition to reported exceptionally referee, you can also use hand gestures that he's ruling. When the sub-scores, the referee may be close to the scoring side and waved to the Qi Jian Gao. When for some reason, Round should be liable for re-serve, the referee can be hand-Gaojuguotou that the end of the round. call the score, as well as serve France in the implementation of rotation when the count off, the referee should use English or both athletes and referees are able to accept any other language. mechanical or electronic devices should be used to display the score, so that athletes and spectators can see clearly. When the player because of bad behavior by the formal warning, it should be in the scoreboard at the athlete to place a yellow mark. athletes 3.4.2 Equipment shall select the district tournament match ball. Prior to entering the stadium, the athletes should have the opportunity to select one or more game balls by the referee to take a ball from any of the games. Failure to select athletes into the stadium before the match ball by the umpire from a box of the General Assembly designated the game to take a ball at random to compete. If the game ball is damaged, should be chosen before the race to replace another one ball; if the ball does not pre selected by the referee from the box of the General Assembly thatThe game ball will take a ball instead of arbitrary. in a single game, the racket will not be allowed to replace, unless the serious damage to the racket accidentally not be used. If the athletes in the race damaged racket should be immediately brought another player to replace a racket, or off-site progressive ones. athletes in the game intermittently, should remain in the game ball racket table. Except for special permission to be referees. 3.4.3 in a practice match before the start of two minutes, the athletes have the right to stage the game ball practice, normal practice can not be intermittent. Only the referee has power to extend a special practice time. in an emergency interruption of the competition, the referee may, allow athletes to practice in any ball on stage, including the race of the spherical segment. athletes should have a reasonable opportunity to inspect and become familiar with the equipment will be used in the replacement of broken or damaged racket ball after the player can practice a few rounds, and then continue with the race. 3.4.4 Intermittent any athlete the right to request: In between the Bureau and the Bureau, not more than 1 minute rest period; in each game, did not end 6-point shot or after the deciding game when the exchange position, wipe their sweat with the short period of time. one or a team of doubles players in a game called a timeout, the time of no more than 1 minute. In the individual competition, athletes should be pause or a designated off-site mentors made; in group match, made by the athlete or team leader. request for suspension only if the ball is not in game condition made, the application hands and make a "T"-shaped, said. in the side of the suspension of a reasonable request, the umpire shall suspend play and produce the white card, white card and then put the request to suspend one player on the Taiwan area. When the proposal to suspend player is prepared to continue the party game or 1-minute pause time has come when, to the calculation of a short time, white card should be removed and the immediate resumption of play. athletes play because of an accident, temporary loss of capacity, head judge interrupted match Bu Zhiyu if it considers adverse to each other may be allowed to interrupt play, but time is shorter as far as possible, in any case not more than 10 minutes . If the loss of the ability of the state of competition already exists, or have reason before the start of the race can be predicted, or because of tension caused by the normal game, then not be allowed to interrupt play. If you lose games because of the ability of the athlete's physical condition at that time or a race the way, causing cramps or fatigue, these are the reasons the game can not be interrupted. Only owing to accident, injury, loss of competition such as the ability to fall in order to allow the emergency interrupts. If the game was bleeding area should be immediately suspended game, until he received medical care and the district tournament and then wipe all the blood to restore competition. unless the chief judge to allow the athletes to win in a game to stay in race within or near the stadium, in the Bureau and the Bureau of rest between the statutory period of time, athletes should be under the supervision of coaches remain in Division around the areas within 3 meters.


3.5.1 outside the discipline to guide team events, the athletes of any person outside the acceptable guidance. individual competition, the athletes can only accept one person's off-site guidance, while the identity of this guide should be in the game prior to the

referee statement; if a pair of doubles players from different associations, may be separately authorized an instructor; without being authorized by the qualified personnel to guide, the referee produced the red card should be ordered away from the stadium.
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