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The size of a butterfly butterfly rubber what is it saying

836,957,5452010-02-11 21:01:10 +0000 #1
Members handsome guy with the little brother had to explain the beauty, thank you
Sharjah2010-02-11 21:04:35 +0000 #2
are the Japanese company's production sets of plastic butterflies the size of a butterfly is the Friends of the abbreviated name or love of the ball that

a big butterfly is also called the bus (price around 300)

is a set of plastic wrappers Butterfly Bryce is a mass of fire performance is especially good at the same time flexible friction is also a good defensive attack is also true to say that violence is more perfect

amateur inside the affordable spent most of the few will also waste a

Schlager梅兹格林卡Steve are representative of both sides of Bus

Kong Ling-hui Ma Lin Chen Qi Zhang subjects are backhand forehand Bus

Ryu Seung-Min Chiang Peng-Lung Bus

2 small butterfly, there are two

the most common is the argument that butterfly sriver (price around 160)

characterized by high elasticity high friction rather hard in general use in working on

a representative

Primola Ci Boer Kim Taek Soo

backhand amateur individual users of such Qiu Yike Wang Hao bus and sriver have used

sriver be called the pride of a butterfly butterfly's most successful set of the company's best-selling set of rubber glue

the world's most classic of several sets of plastic with mark-v (of the last century on behalf of the seventies soft Chupin representative of the speed of representatives of about 180 covered pavilion prices generally)

sriver (Chupin seventies of last century the representatives of the hard lot of spinning on behalf of representatives)

nittaku jo (Chupin eighties of last century because of the price Laowa known about 160 representatives of People Laowa Wang Liqin Yan Sen)

Furthermore, it was also known as Butterfly flextra is a small butterfly

This set of rubber is specifically designed for women set of rubber, especially used in the backhand
ttheone2010-02-11 21:37:07 +0000 #3
large butterfly expensive, a small butterfly at lower prices.



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