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How to distinguish the grade of ping-pong paddle

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such as are anti-adhesive sponge bat, the price difference in big, from sponges, floor material analysis, thank you
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beginners tend to select a racquet and distress. Layman is generally thought that expensive racket so sure. Some people bought the racket can not get used because of using forced to idle, it was also replaced a few months after the racket, "not" play. In fact, the most expensive is not necessarily the best, but also the habit of play and their own combination racket with a reasonable configuration and be able to give full play to their strengths, can only handy to use. Common table tennis boards on the market are imported brands and domestic brands two categories, brands imported high-grade floor general superb craftsmanship, performance, stability, and some through the multi-national Table Tennis Association finds that the recommendation of the higher price, professional athletes use more. Large variety of domestic brands floor, a number of famous brands and joint venture products, high-end floor performance is greatly improved, middle and low floor price reasonably suitable for mass consumption. 1, from the structure can be divided into: (1) single (2) multi-layer (common for 3-9 layer) materials, and add pure wood composite materials (special fibers and carbon fiber) Performance Introduction: (1) single layer of pure wood soft easy to control because of varieties suitable for table play fewer people who use it are few. (2) multi-layer of pure wood and carbon fiber chassis used mostly for five-and seven boards five-layer plate about 70 grams lighter in general, often used when the optional double-sided foam rubber paste. Seven boards a little heavy at 85 grams or more generally, single-sided, double-sided sponge rubber Jieke paste. Ke Yi personal touch when you use and the use of custom selection. 2, from the appearance can be divided into: horizontal board and straight, straight is divided into two kinds of Chinese and Japanese. 3, from the use of performance can be divided into 4 types: (1) offensive ball plate (2) Full type ball plate (3) defensive ball plate (4) inverted plate attacking the ball plate (both sides of the hardness different) ball plate The shots are classified into: hard, more rigid, soft, soft four grades. In general: Hard board: the power of mass destruction, fast hitting big bad-controlled Taiwan for the past in the fast-break style of play more rigid plate with loop: high speed hitting the power of mass destruction, nearly big feel better suited to Taiwan fast-break style of play soft loop combination plate: attack control both type-prone strong impulse in the loop close to the table rotation is ideal for fast-break style of play soft-loop combination plate: a soft touch easy to control the stability of strong defensive units for COSCO play ball plate common key indicators for the overall performance speed (1-10) Control (1-10) (from low to high) 2, generally marked on the bottom or outer surface, the selection of individuals can play when and the use of custom options. Generally speaking, fast players like Bo Sha preference for a hard floor. Better technical players full control of the bottom plate are often used in softening. Models of different brands of floor performance, although the subject of the same, but there is still flexibility to use different types of floor performance of the same brand similar, it should be noted purchase. Second, a common sponge sponge on the market are also divided into two major categories of imported and domestically produced. The past, from the look and feel able to easily distinguish them. Imports of sponge good elasticity, thickness uniformity, reduced weight, quality, stability, and feel a little soft. Loop the ball spin strong, the line specifications. Domestic sponge heavier weight, flexible slightly different, feel a little hard. Loop drive some floating and sinking (the saying goes, the more thieves). My professional athletes in general are multi-purpose hand-made sponge, generally use imported foam backhand. But now many brands of foam joint appearance of the performance is close to imported products, it is generally difficult to distinguish. 1, commonly used by the structure is divided into high-density foam sponge, medium-density sponge, three kinds of low-density sponge. 2, common sponge divided according to the hardness of 30 degrees -55 degrees (from soft to hard), the thickness of generally between 0.3-2.3mm. Different manufacturers of sponge though sometimes the subject of the same degree, but there are still differences between flexible. Purchase should pay attention to. 3, commonly used by end-use is divided into anti-sponge rubber sponge (with anti-paste rubber), and are rubber sponge (being affixed with rubber) Note: The DHS licensing standards and other sponge sponge hardness different. Third, the common rubber rubber on the market to domestic brands are more foreign products are mostly sets of plastic. The performance point of view alone from the use of rubber produced in the country such as the famous double happiness, friendship, global and some other products have reached world advanced level, especially in the rotation performance is the best in the world. Technological level is poor, the quality of the individual appearance of the product unstable. My professional athletes in general are hand-made multi-purpose rubber, the backhand generally use imported sets of plastic. From the exterior can be divided into: Anti-paste rubber (particles to the inside), and are affixed rubber (particles out) two kinds. 1, anti-paste rubber can be divided into: common anti-adhesive and anti-arc two kinds of rubber. (1) used anti-adhesive and foreign manufacturers of a variety of different brands and models, product performance indicators are generally marked on the packaging. Common for 3-4 items, such as: speed, spin, control, and other forward setting. (Marked by a weak Xeon 10-100) commonly used anti-plastic friction big ball rotation changed greatly, forward setting is strong, easy to control. Because different manufacturers use different materials, rubber particle length, size, skin thickness at the end are different, so the performance is still very different. Is generally believed that at the end of thick-skinned long-grain rotation strong, and at the end of a short thin particle speed. Selection should be based on their usage habits to determine the general should not always replace the different brands in different types of rubber, so as not to undermine his own hand. (2) Anti-arc belongs to a special anti-rubber glue. Rubber surface is characterized by relatively smooth, friction is small, rotating weak, with the soft sponge ball, when a little sink, has changed its name implies is mainly used for anti-loop drive. 2, is affixed rubber can be divided into: positive and long rubber raw rubber rubber, three. And foreign manufacturers of a variety of different brands and models, product performance indicators are generally marked on the packaging. Common for 3-4 items, such as: speed rotary control Preshoot so. (Marked by a weak Xeon 10-100) (1) Positive Photoresist: Surface hard, non-translucent. Slightly sinking fast ball, there are changes in rotation. In order to beat-based, easy to control, suitable for close to the table fast-break style of play. (2) raw rubber: the surface more slippery, translucent. . Slightly sinking fast ball, rotation, small changes, the control a bit weak, the longer the rotation the weaker particles, particle-long rubber have some weird properties of a similar long-glue. (3) long rubber: hit the ball slower, anti-rotation, performance, strange, the longer the performance of the finer particles more strange. Used for defensive or offensive and defensive changes in play. Note: The performance of different manufacturers of rubber because of their materials, manufacturing processes different, feel different. 4, sets of plastic: according to different requirements of the manufacturer with the production, stable performance, easy to replace, professional athletes use more. 5, sponges and rubber commonly used with (recommended) 1, anti-paste rubber: General matching thickness 1.8-2.3mm sponge, sponges and rubber race demands the total thickness of no more than 4mm. Common hardness should be 40-55 degrees. Easy to play is generally believed that thin sponge thoroughly, and can play a backplane flexibility. Easy to control, the station's speed. Poor performance in Taiwan. Thick sponge balls to eat a good, easy to create rotation, good performance in Taiwan. Sponge hardness, low-stretch a small easy to control. Sponge hardness of high-speed fast, large elastic mass destruction, but not easily controlled. 2, anti-arc rubber: General matching 1.8-2.3mm sponge thickness and hardness of 30-35 degrees. 3, Positive Photoresist: General matching 1.8-2.2mm sponge thickness and hardness of 30-40 degrees. 4, raw rubber: General matching 1.5-2.2mm sponge thickness and hardness of 30-40 degrees. However, some players are also equipped with about 1.0mm sponge, retaining loop the ball sinking. 5, long rubber: General matching thickness 0.3-1.5mm sponge. Hardness of 35-40 degrees. But also seen the usage of sponge worthy. . 6, backplanes, sponge rubber used with: 1, close to the table fast-break style of play: an optional offensive boards, are plastic, with 1.8-2.2mm sponge thickness and hardness of 30-40 degrees. Features: fast, do not eat the ball, the ball easy to control in Taiwan. In order to hit the main, pull the ball low-radians. 2, close to the table fast-break style of play with loop: Optional offensive boards, anti-adhesive, with the thickness 1.8-2.3mm sponge, hardness of 40-45 degrees. Features: fast, there is rotation changes, more people are using. Accustomed to hitting style of play to be elected based sponge hardness slightly more soft and easy to play bottom of the elasticity, the station's speed. Accustomed to loop-based style of play a little hard to be elected sponge hardness more, pull the ball red. 3, both offensive and defensive-type play: an optional full-type bottom, anti-adhesive, with the thickness 1.8-2.3mm sponge, hardness of 40-45 degrees. Features: fast, there is rotation changes, easy to control. More people to use. 4, middle loop combination of fast-break style of play: an optional offensive boards, anti-adhesive, with the thickness 1.8-2.3mm sponge, hardness of 40-50 degrees. Features: fast, pull loop rotation strong, can cause huge casualties. 5, defensive play: an optional defensive floor, anti-adhesive, with the thickness 1.8-2.3mm sponge, hardness of 40-45 degrees. Features: There are rotating change, easy to control. Is generally believed that floor hard, the ball is fast, lethal large, not easily controlled. Bottom soft, easy to control, suitable for unsolicited force-type play. Thick sponge, eating the ball deep, strong rotation. Sponge thin, easy to play a floor performance, easy to control, the station's speed. Sponge hardness and different floor to match, popular point of speaking, play a big player moves a little soft spot to be elected as sponges, to eat the ball good, easy-to-hair strength. A small players play actions a little hard spot to be elected as sponges, easy to control. Choose different types of floor should be matching the different sponge hardness. When playing golf, touch it shall be able to hear the sound without shock bottom hand is appropriate. Note: If you play a fixed, it is advisable to always use the same brand, model of the floor. Sponges and rubber match should also be relatively stable, so as not to undermine their own long-term cultivation of the hand. If you have been using the past, but never used the brand molding plate bottom, then select the appropriate floor should be to reduce the flexibility that the option of full floor type or defensive boards, professional athletes do not follow the habit of going to select floor. If you still feel highly flexible and may be appropriate to further reduce the hardness or thickness of sponge, until the feel smoothly so far. I hope people will dig their own good with the weapon.
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250 * 250 * 250 mm steel plate 1, the pressure of the can.



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