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Table Tennis Competition Prize Presentation Ceremony seeking Process

spoday2010-02-11 22:01:54 +0000 #1
Our awards ceremony tomorrow to see how the whole process should be. Is the Association's full-house faculties Invitational. Specific statements and speeches of the speakers who hosts it?
Canton and discussion of the2010-02-11 22:15:56 +0000 #2
1. by the moderator announced that the referee announce the results,

2. Referee Report: table tennis team competition results, the women's team fourth place, third place (or tied for first 3), group runner-up, group title;

man, ibid;

3. awards, playing athletes march, to accept the award on behalf of award-winning team, from all levels of leadership awards, respectively (which can be separately and together);

4. the leadership of the speech and a closing statement.



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