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Loop fast break style of play, how to choose floor rubber

fgeg9182010-02-11 22:02:14 +0000 #1

ato20002010-02-11 22:06:15 +0000 #2
is not a low budget 400 can be, and can be equipped with a good beat, and this price, do not choose the Galaxy, and evidently Louzhu traditional straight Push the left panel the right to attack France, recommended classical stiga CL, Liu Guoliang year backplanes, Qiu Yike, Guo Yue, Guo Yan also used, table tennis enthusiasts in the highly evaluated, and seven of pure wood-based panels, thickness 6.5mm or so, at the end of Jin abundant, feel fresh, when the ball feels floor very "crunchy", a very comfortable and solid feeling, but out of the ball fast, block shot in particular, a solid, pull playing Safe, traditionally believe that CL is a fast-break boards, but the With the manufacturers to improve, CL loop performance is also very good, but the ability to create positive spin, or smaller than OC, EG, etc. loop name plate, since it is fast arc Louzhu play, CL is the most suitable of the As good backspin from the individual considered to be action problem, Louzhu more attention to action and to exercise the right to correct, it should be no great problem. CL Taobao price of 300 or so mainstream, parallel import prices of about 250. The time of purchase you can buy a regular version of the CL, do not select CR (UV treatment to increase the surface hardness only) and WRB (hollow handle) versions.

Is in hand to recommend DHS Hurricane 3,39 degrees, this need not introduce more, and made the classic sets of plastic, Taobao price of 60 or so.

Backhand cross if you do not learn to play, then posting a sign on the line of cotton sheeting, and if they wish to cross to fight the option of 729 or cj8000c Tianyi light type, Taobao little more than 20.

A total of 400 with down just for Louzhu reference, another digression, stiga the tempo easy drawing, be careful when you tear rubber. I will only initiate more information on the introduction of evaluation, etc. Louzhu cl free to baidu, google, in view of the characteristics you have, I believe CL is good for you choice.



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