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La Table Tennis arc ... masters come!

syncmaster772010-02-11 22:02:21 +0000 #1
Let me talk about my racket under the W-5 Galaxy posted two side bottom side mad 3 out of Nigeria in 2009 the new pride of the mad 3!!! I would like to ask the next "pull loop is to shoot and the ball by friction, if the issue slams the door, that is, there is not much friction???? "" "" "" "Also, how can to maximize the points can be pulled out or simply loop method "" "" "" "" Another of my racket pull arc has anything to do enough to point!! like what the glue paste, etc. "" Thank you, experts used!!!
Gordonia Sugar2010-02-11 22:09:30 +0000 #2
Simply put, the difference between pulling the ball with the bat mainly rubber has no contact with friction (pull the ball is completely on the surface of rubber in contact with the ball an instant to achieve full friction so as to create spin. bat can only say that the direct penetration through floor plate itself at the end of Jin infiltration rubber sponge thoroughly in order to create out of the ball fast speed) ... it bluntly, is the difference between friction and hitting. So the success of pulling the ball generally only hear the "wind," gave the rubber friction ball's voice. will not be penetrating the stick. the general surface with sticky rubber are suitable to pull the ball. neo inorganic Hurricane and Sea Hurricane 20 # organic transportation are considered offensive sticky sets of loop-type, suitable for pulling the ball. the premise of an unsolicited take power. There are both backhand Hurricane take the weight a bit heavy and difficult board playing up. backhand take the 729 proposals the focus of three or Tianyi astringent nature of such light-weight sets.
hjzdll2010-02-11 22:20:45 +0000 #3
This is the level of more training, glue alone is useless
a884260582010-02-11 23:25:21 +0000 #4
La arc Of course, as much as possible so that the contact surface of the ball and shoot it shoot the ball more but were inclined slope of the difficulty of making it on the big people's eyesight is better than a higher accuracy
no wine grape Magic Cup2010-02-11 23:34:03 +0000 #5
beat you no problem . Can be more easily loop. I think the drawback is that both sides went crazy and beat a little weight, right?

3 kinds of loop is well known. Generally do not pull side spin loop is burst and a high profile. Soon as you say the issue of black, and Latin America is certainly not a high-profile it? If the high-sounding words are silent. But the burst is different. Burst is to impact more than friction. But it does not mean burst not to switch. Burst is the combination of rotation and strength, burst past the ball even more than a high-profile sinking. Under the tie also, but not because it is transferred. But rather a combination of turn and speed. Therefore, there should be high-quality sound burst.

Practice loop ah can not focus only on friction, it is easy road of the sword. Single-not to mention high-profile, loop the essence of the combination of rotation and speed, rather than blindly friction. So my suggestion is, do not light the pursuit of friction, the ball should be welcoming feeling. You blindly pursue friction, pull all the past, rely on friction, pull-no sound of the last beat, transfer is a switch, people casually and so good you shoot with, and anti-La had no problems. Because you give sufficient time to prepare. That is why only the high-profile expert as excessive and not to rely on high-profile loop attack, the whole is to be able to save the red burst reasons.



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