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Help me choose a ping-pong paddle configuration

ha_000992010-02-11 23:01:31 +0000 #1
My girlfriend is very fond of table tennis a girl, but because of the family are limited, usually only a very rudimentary beat, and now her birthday is coming, I think they are worthy of a racket gave her.

As I am also in school, the budget is not high, about 150, preferably not more than 200.

Her grip Pen way, way is to play fast-break style of play, defense is weak, chopping skills are more Weak (I hope the new beat will help her to better study the chop), lack of endurance (preferably beat lighter points), technical fall in the high level amateur.

I After a week of looking and understanding, and found the following configuration: Galaxy MC-2 / Galaxy T-2 plus a positive Hurricane 3/729-2 negative Palio CJ8000.

You think I am the above configuration like? If not, what configuration is better? Small, it is very difficult elections, fear of the election that does not fit. Thank you, the
Sharjah2010-02-11 23:06:40 +0000 #2
Sugar said the bulk of the Galaxy MC-2 is yes imitation Stica oc board oc loop structure is characterized by a good pull the ball fell at the end of fresh long, red overwhelmed opponents Representative believes that Wang Liqin

mc-2 at the end of King than oc block shot slightly better than the oc

a girl is obviously not good for hair strength not suitable for loop because of this structure also oc highlights Cosco Taiwan so close to the table control is not suitable for relatively weak chop chop close to the table is not the ideal defensive Wang Liqin also dealt with this point well why they look for other devices other hand the town board is thin block shot good amateur players in general do not use worse

T-2 is the imitation carbon carbon board is generally not more effective attack on the town of hand-block shot speed board out of the ball quickly, but carbon is not suitable close to the table control Primorac play small ball is poor and is also related to training and equipment related to

M2 be more appropriate rather hard in recent Taiwan girls for

or you can select seven of seven more suitable for amateur players and a better defensive block shot will raise the ball close to the table than the five-story a little weight disadvantage Yehao You can use the rubber to make up


Louzhu rubber elections are hand 729-2 Biao more comprehensive so crazy is not suitable (great circle arc), but very sticky rubber sponge is not suitable for die more slowly, fast-break

backhand I think a better Tianyi Tianyi thin sponge rubber seems to be 2.0 Comparison the overall comparison of soft light and low prices, good ah

To be honest I think the ball is very important to your board has chosen not to him is the best penetration of the deep feelings inside
ww22334442010-02-11 23:40:31 +0000 #3
this I really was not very understanding although hit the ball a long time

I am a positive Galaxy Hurricane 3 negative German sponge 729 loop speed up the attack a total of 300 or so

is mainly rubber bottom sides of your general more than 100 points can not be with you so that the bottom of the

a very good general for the sticky film of people will buy a better bleeding the bottom will be for a period of rubber is too expensive can afford to backplane can be used for a long time

you stick cards have the right to go where the best sports goods Mody like wholesale price is much lower than in stores, some bosses are also more professional stick pretty well

I knew so much not finalized first visit is also the boss of you can recommend a



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