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Why is Ma Lin are not good at playing the ball a stalemate?

lscannon2010-02-11 23:01:51 +0000 #1
Is limited because of his style of play the ball of his stand-level or other reasons? Whether through training to make up?
Sharjah2010-02-11 23:11:55 +0000 #2
Louzhu good Marlene is one of my favorite athletes

Louzhu may not understand the Bar

Ma Lin Ma Lin is the World Championships from 44 th begun to participate in the

past and present, Ma Lin Ma Lin a great difference in former Marlene not to say that good at a stalemate, but dared to stand-off

such as COSCO and Taiwan's anti-Rabi pulling more

but now more than ever before Ma control the ball less stalemate

I think this is a transformation of

Ma Lin Ma Lin serve access serve has been good, but not previously better now

1 Ma Lin had previously been made to switch does not turn but now serve no block Marlene to issue a high throw on the side of the main switch does not switch to the next test, supplemented by

2 Ma Lin are gifted with a short ball aging of the footwork is not as flexible and it is clearly increased in the first three panels to control and fierce return of serve either pendulum the other side can not draw a very short time to have the opportunity to get started is very cruel not know your attention to the action without Marlene much bigger than before I remember watching on the 45 th Ma Lin Ma Lin beat Ryu Seung Min Laowa 46 sessions are often the other anti-death

3 Ma Lin's return to the ball like a sudden a lot of unconventional lateral (and soon a very short turn) with a rotating defensive such as cutting a plate pocket Marlene another example of a plate placed a short period of rise and hitting the ball very short hair friction force is transferred (you get started is also unable to pronounce the power of rocking gently touched the net on the long Marlene afterburner can be washed) There are Ma Lin in straight Marlene is very tricky point knocked horizontal deliberately added a fake the moment seems to become a straight line diagonal ball (this is called a dozen points and Laowa like the time difference) there Marlene quick opponents feel good drag is that he has a plate in hand almost Taiwan quick with the ball very fast

With these you say it is difficult, and his opponent hit a stalemate unless one of us a better understanding of such ah Ma Lin, Wang Liqin, Kong Linghui Malone are the enemy of Section

Of course, Ma Lin, Zhang stand-off capability only, and worse than some, but horizontal compared to other single drawing or a good fight, after all, the number of cross-points and are in hand with a certain mass destruction

On the contrary such as Li Jing Yan Sen is clearly a weak backhand forehand Jensen can also be lethal forehand small Li Jing

Lou Zhu played very well be interested take a look at Jing Ma Lin beat Aoqialuofu Aoqialuofu game play is a good example

Ma Lin is known as Europe's most feared players who Hehe
huterx2010-02-11 23:47:12 +0000 #3
was because Straight restriction of only one-sided attack on the backhand is a weakness so right when you pull a stalemate over the scope of cross-board made a small force. This play is also a limited re-training does not help. unless, as Wang Hao and training from an early age, like all straight horizontal beat. but Marlene has been impossible for
Let's workers and peasants have the power to2010-02-11 23:20:01 +0000 #4
him play but it was a plate, locked in a stalemate in both block shot as he was locked in a stalemate in the grip makes the hair very weak force, you shook glance know, the kind of traditional straight grip in the wrist can not pull the ball as smoothly as Wang Hao and stability. Not only that, if we say that Dirk Nowitzki's shooting action is unjustified, that Marlene did not pull the ball movement is a heaven ... ... If he had such rejection arm forces, we also need not say what it is.

say Marlene's style of play but it was autonomous in nature, the use of small ball edge to the other side leakage, followed by a sharp red line. He does not want to and opponents into a stalemate in Taiwan. system has a very clear, so a drastic change is not worth it. In fact, Ma Lin, sharp changing needs is to keep a small ball, and the more accurate the ability of terror grab boards. or, as Wang Hao as close to the table for the introduction of semi-fast backhand quick pull tear, in short, is close to the table start everything up.

As for the China-Taiwan stalemate Actually, do not need too much. Why do feet Chuan big shoes



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