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Ping-pong ball game prop

244,577,3822010-02-11 23:02:08 +0000 #1
prop up the ball ping-pong game writing, a fragment, see you on the answer to you is also good to ask questions.
dongyutiancai2010-02-11 23:09:42 +0000 #2
three o'clock this afternoon, our school held a fierce table-tennis competitions. One to three o'clock, the students one by one flew to the playground, standing at table tennis stage, attentively watching the players play. I was standing next to Lai Haoran our class to see him and three shifts a sixth-grade boys race. Soon the game started. I saw Lai Haoran head down, hunched chest, eyes and concentrate on looking at table tennis, a confident look, as if to say, I believe I have to win this game down! Sure enough, the race start, Lai Haoran started to occupy the upper peak. May be the other side to be outdone, repeatedly attacked, hit a 6-2 Laihao Ran a small climax. Lai Haoran impetuous mood to play, Lai Haoran first Bureau lost. Then, the first two bureau began. We class for Lai Haoran refueling cry: "Lai Haoran refueling, and we believe you!" Lai Haoran indeed live up to expectations, repeatedly attacked, beaten opponent to pieces, not killing opponents Pianjiabuliu. Opponent's offensive mistakes again and again, but still no improvement. Finally, as a side step, Lai Haoran to 11:5 easily won the bureau. He was elated! The third set began. In the third set, the Lai Haoran found the opponent's Achilles heel: poor return of serve. Lai Haoran they could not help backspin made the ball, opponents fear the move as expected, immediately Zhaojiabuzhu, and三下五除二be defeated. Lai Haoran got match point, an anti-pull, ball in each other's dead, pull the other side empty, Lai Haoran achieved victory in the race! He was excited, in the hands of table tennis bats could not help shaking, his face also many How many pieces of the crystal drops of perspiration. I think: I want to study hard and strenuously to study the future to them, as in life on the road Qupin dial, struggle to go to create a better future! !

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