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Backplane printed tags

Alien 100862010-02-12 00:01:02 +0000 #1
see a lot of racket that would shoot a few letters printed JTTAA originally thought it was the same brand, then check a moment what the Table Tennis Association, was originally meant. What are the brands of floor does have this mark it? ?
Big Head Sugar2010-02-12 00:13:36 +0000 #2
JTTAA abbreviation of the Japanese Table Tennis Association. That in Japan, produced or sold in Japan, ping-pong floor will have this tag. JTTAA marked the brand printed on bottom quality standards more stringent: Butterfly, Yasaka (Jasaka), Nittaku (nita library), large and Tsp, Joola (Ashkenazi Euler), Kokutaku (can cool up to cool), AVOLOX (Abala) These brands will be printed with the logo JTTAA.



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