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Experts used to help I would recommend about ping-pong floor

zujifu2010-02-12 01:02:20 +0000 #1
play; straight, the backhand twist, swing and hair force, leveraging block shot, sideways pull attack less, because footwork is not good, after all, nearly middle age, response has been slow movements are Hand, attack and recent favorite block shot to be strong, pull attack of violence, because the continuity is not very good. Have used Rui Kete pairs of carbon plate, being mad 3,40 degrees, backhand 729, (almost no) You can also later became coaches say it is too hard, so a good reputation in the online search for a cost-effective high mc2 forehand mad 3-40, anti-cj8000, but we really can not adapt, block shot weakness, pull too soft attack, threat is not enough, please recommend several masters who play for me, the two kinds of high-end low-end.
_ Diablo _2010-02-12 01:11:20 +0000 #2
end: Bottom Stica red and black carbon Wang 5.4, being 40 degrees Tian Ji 3, backhand Tianyi 729.

at the bottom: bottom Stica S-5000, sets of plastic ibid .

two floor above the only problem is close to the thickness of 7.0mm, may be suited lz. If too thick, you can select 7.6, and s-4000 candidate. The best shop floor to the entity selected.

CL CR is a technical treatment of the ultraviolet radiation CL, out of the ball faster. CL WRB is a hollow handle of the CL. There is a CL CR WRB technology has both. Online are mostly parallel, it will be much cheaper. Mainstream products have, probably cheaper than 100. net purchase though cheap, it is suggested that the physical store to buy.
Big Head Sugar2010-02-12 01:33:41 +0000 #3
Mc-2 word of mouth is good, but which are five wooden arc soft board. microcrystalline coating. candybar block shot fundamental failure . plate thin, shock hand, leveraging vague and are basically playing it soon ... with the spontaneous forces arc plate mainly depends on their style of play. can not pursue you play popular models ... priority should be given seven wooden structure stiga - CL (Liu Guoliang Zeng hand panel) - This plate is very integrated all aspects of performance. Its block shot in pure wood is the most pure. at the end of a very fresh and feel soft enough in the band has just (no carbon plate oligonucleotide hard) - can be la can play to block shot. this, people can look up information on CL. is now generally play pure wood, and touch not the material plate can replace ... allocation being 39 degrees channels covering information, backhand 729 Focus 3 (medium hard 2.2mm sponge) - have done well enough to use the configuration of the ... As you mentioned, the low-end configuration, said that the board made to understand that moment and the rubber core + entry can take a look ... Galaxy M-series (such as M2, M6, or thickening of The M1) ... In fact, not much cheaper than the CL, but the feel and performance is far worse ... it is recommended that imports of bar floor.
qw9537512010-02-12 01:49:00 +0000 #4
Zhiqiu the most expensive, but seek a better



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