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With regard to the question Stica OC WRB

OH-ho2010-02-12 02:01:46 +0000 #1
I have just changed a beat, that is him, had mad three backhand forehand focus 3, supposedly you can, but always feel that the recent play is being held down the ball in hand, I am an angry on the mad 3 replaced the popular 729, under the master pointing how engaging it?
_ Diablo _2010-02-12 02:13:44 +0000 #2

Louzhu too CRAZY, and Hurricane 3 still do? Exchange Come on. Hurricane 3 held down because of the ease of eating sticky spiral, so downward pressure, with the backhand astringent sense of the focus of three completely different. LZ Xiantai viscosity can be changed or the front Clarke SP Soul 3.

OC WRB with regard to issues like glue to see here / zhishi/219735.html

to suppress the wrist flip the ball should actually be the problem appears to be movement.



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