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At large table-tennis competition, leading to speak, how to write speeches? Jiji Ji! ! !

625,366,5542010-02-12 03:01:04 +0000 #1
We have to hold table tennis matches, is a very large colleges and universities in Shanxi Province to participate. There before the start of the opening ceremony of school leaders to speak, how to write ah? Please! ! ! Thank you, and hurry!!!
Wanmeiの恋2010-02-12 03:16:54 +0000 #2
Honorable leaders, ladies and guests, teachers and fellow students, friends:

May is the spring tide rushes and flowers Zhengyan season in May the release of energy, passion flying season, in this beautiful, charming moment, we are here to hold a display style that best reflects the quality of the educational outcomes of the education system, the most solemn and most warm Games -. First, please allow me, on behalf of the General Assembly of the Bureau of Education Leaders to visit my highest tribute to the care and support over the years the development of social education sessions to extend our most sincere thanks to the dedication, for the games make a great Contribution of you teachers and students to express my sincere gratitude.

Over the years, nurtured many talented side in the fertile ground on the municipal government far-sighted, always insist on giving priority to education development, and strive to play a basic education, guiding, and the overall role of education for the city's fast development, big Development Authority to pave the way to seek. Party committees at all levels of the government's correct leadership and community attention and support, the city's educators in the development of education as their responsibility, spit and blood to write a loyal and dedicated a new chapter in the history of the development of education, wisdom and hard work hold up batch after batch of the Republic of tomorrow's hope. Teachers are worthy of the pioneer of economic and social development deserves to carry the tripod century, the backbone of hope. The joint efforts of educators in the city, the city's information technology education, urban and rural counterpart support, teacher continuing education, a number of tasks such as the comprehensive reform in rural areas forefront of the country, the city of quality education, quality construction, a number of high school work in the whole Province in the lead position. Over the years, the work of physical education in our city is made glorious fruit, schoolchildren competitive awareness and significantly improve the competitive level, a general increase in the overall quality of students, sports and reserve personnel system and further improve and perfect, physical education teachers jumped significantly, the project is complete, the layout of a reasonable student sports training network has been generated, scientific, standard, highly effective schools in the full implementation of extra-curricular sports engineering, sports and educational work is to strong, vigorous momentum of development, promoting the city's education work towards newer and higher level.

The Games, is to demonstrate the quality of educational outcomes for our city has demonstrated physical education style of the event, but also is the level of competition in sports city and spiritual qualities of the event. From the name of athletes, will use the days where flying dreams, Zhang Yang energy, the release of passion, will be flying the youth and strong physique to display the "higher, faster, stronger" the soul of sports.

Hope that all athletes give full play to the Olympic spirit and indomitable courage to tackle tough, race out the results, race out of level, race out of style, with tough persistent and stable handy, writing style of youth, and create a brilliant athletic field; hope that all the referees members, coaches and staff fulfilled their duties with a high sense of responsibility, enthusiasm and selfless dedication to the service, quality and efficient completion of the tournament will work; hope that the team learn from each other to strengthen exchanges, enhance friendship, the race will be Ban Cheng intense but orderly and efficient unifying event, in order to promote the city's primary and secondary school physical education to make faster and greater development of new and greater contributions.

Finally, I wish all the athletes to achieve outstanding results! Wished the Games a complete success!



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