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At large table-tennis competition, leading to speak, how to write speeches? Jiji Ji! ! !

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Dear leaders, ladies and athletes, referees, and comrades:

In this beautiful season Chunyiangran in the "51" International Labor Day around the corner, today, we was held here, "Chang Insurance Cup" "fitness welcome 51 to promote harmonious development", the opening ceremony of the municipal organs of table tennis. Here, on behalf of the organizers of this units to actively support the activities of Chang-an insurance company to express my heartfelt thanks! To all the athletes, coaches, referees pay high tribute!

Maintain a healthy body is our body-roots cadres and workers, service people, service development, the basic premise and fundamental guarantee. Holding the table tennis competition, is to further enhance the awareness of cadres health workers, rich body of cultural and sports life, and create a more harmonious atmosphere, to further inspire the cadres of workers in a more good health, more noble sentiments, more high-spirited state of to join the "promoting cross-development, and build a harmonious Suqian" is a great practice. This is also to further deepen the study and practice the scientific concept of development activities in a specific initiative.

In here, I sincerely hope that all teams participating in this focus, focusing on the spirit of sharing, improve coordination, do a good job, to ensure that competition according to a predetermined schedule smoothly. Hope that the referee should be loyal and fair referee, warm service to ensure a fair and just. Hope that all athletes carry forward the "higher, faster, stronger" Olympic spirit, to the best competitive state into competition, follow the rules, subject to management in an orderly manner participate in the competition, race out of style, race out of level, race out of fashion !

Finally, I wish every success in this table tennis game!

Thank you!

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