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What beat loop play the election?

zbmqru2010-02-12 03:02:13 +0000 #1
I cross-plate combination of fast-break style of play both sides of loop, beat configurations currently in use are as follows: the mass carbon fiber chassis for the Galaxy, Hurricane 3 forehand, the backhand 729, a start playing okay, now when the feeling of pulling loop at the end of Jin is not very foot, (after all, beat more than 200 pieces of money and can not insist too strongly on a) In addition, we have spent two years, beat, feeling sticky glue is not very good, so wants to trade blocks of rhythm, the price of 1000 yuan.

A friend gave me some suggestions that he has also looked at the Internet, such as carbon butterfly, Shi C, Double Happiness Hurricane King, Stiga the OC, etc. The vast majority seem to have their own advantages and disadvantages of these backplane, not to know what kinds of good, hope the master to be pointing, brother appreciate it!
_ Diablo _2010-02-12 03:10:44 +0000 #2
at the end of fresh enough? Congratulations Lou Zhu, after two years of practice, your level has been considerably enhanced. is the change of the board. ^ _ ^

butterflies and Double Happiness brand too strong, cost is not high. In this I recommend two relatively new import floor, at the end of a strong response to inorganic fresh. First nita library REDSHANK, second, thinner and lighter OC.REDSHANK Stica nano, NANO OC is a heavyweight weapons, is absolutely right at the end to meet the LZ Jin's needs. Sets of plastic or a provincial team Hurricane 3 plus 729-40S forehand backhand, is a strong set of sticky glue. Backhand can change Graffman, viscosity slightly lower than the country set, but instead a stronger rotation.

Also like to correct LZ a wrong point of view, not the more expensive the better. I would recommend two types of prices in the 400-600, the absolute price of 1,000 yuan more than 655 Hurricane King better performance. REDSHANK Wang Liqin now seems to have changed. Not someone else recommended OC CR and even better performance Nittaku Violin have been a bit out of date.

If you want to understand the LZ under OC, Hurricane King class, I gave a link, you can see for yourself.
translucent Pig2010-02-12 03:47:31 +0000 #3
using anti-adhesive

Hurricane 3 or butterfly
Big Head Sugar2010-02-12 04:09:18 +0000 #4
feel Baidu new classification of people after the ping-pong with fewer questions answered. depressed - even if the answered is my question - Khan ... going to the subject: The Milky Way mass carbon plate pulling the ball a little cow sense, this series of carbon plates, but well-known hard. at the end of King is yes. hard carbon is not pulling the ball out of the basic arc line but the line ... Louzhu misunderstood, pay attention to loop the ball is not the end of Jin - important forward setting, deformation, arc, and the bottom two dance ... pay attention to eat solid ball, handling the ball well. permeability strong sense. at the end of Jin generally required in order to experience the power of big hair out ... So, a general crackdown loop selection of pure wood (5-layer of pure wood or soft wood panel 7. carbon plate can be basically pass out) ... in fact the strongest loop horizontal plate to the number of Stiga-OC. can it feel soft thin plate. Chun-hand obviously. small ball of meat. just get started would be more difficult to appropriate. can loop it is really superior processing power. and a very high price. Lian Li Lian-fat arc class . get started is a problem. to adapt to post-Kenya will make you feel pleasantly surprised floor ... ... mad king, hard five wood-KOTO (surface material) + spruce (wood edge) + Ayous (large core) ... hard thin, solid feel. more than OC a good pick up, the ball also improved ... arc rather long and a good board, under pressure .... may be the price is a problem, price is very general. I am inclined to the OC ... ... Lou Zhu also recommend what Stiga-CL, a very pure feeling very full at the end of Jin soft 7 wood. loop performance is not bad. well controlled. feel that this board is more attached to your hand together (Louzhu may look at) ... allocation of 39-40 degrees mad three forehand, the backhand 729 Focus 3 (medium hard sponge 2.2 ) ... very expensive to use is not configured
class8site2010-02-12 04:41:58 +0000 #5
pull the ball loop must be able to support bottom ball, can there be friction!

In general using a five-story pure wood!

Let's now more appropriate to be used in the present and the recent period of time play, but also the relatively Nading the floor!

The above mentioned mad king, butterflies are too expensive. And a person's hand is a different matter. Is not the most expensive is the most suitable for them!

My advice is OC, or a butterfly Korbel!

Price of around 300 bar!

Forehand rubber can play 729-0880 yuan to backhand Kexin 729-240 to use!

A total of less than 500 yuan!

Fully meet the arc! They do not spend too much money!

Specific circumstances can also buy time with malarial members say something, make some adjustments!
label112010-02-12 04:01:37 +0000 #6
general mainstream is the butterfly



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