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Urgent! Hurricane 3 rubber why is so hard

zujifu2010-02-12 03:02:19 +0000 #1
tb network two days ago bought from 3-40 degrees mad black 60rmb glue stick with the Milky Way Galaxy mc2 in the bottom front, new rubber so glue brush the 7-8 times, when playing feel good, eat the ball, and can be done the next day glue, rubber hair hard, fast and a lot of off board, bad control, pull the ball did not eat the ball, as well as first I do not want the total filling glue, and the second loop I like the combination of fast attack, previously with the two carbon plate 40 degrees so mad three were too hard for the Galaxy mc2 (a friend of the soft board) is now 40 degrees, or mad 3 stuck in the soft board why it so hard? Yes No glue or more brushes, rubber is a fake? (Unlike fake) If the problem is the glue, rubber can revert? What glue good? Ask separate ways高手帮帮忙, pointing out what, first thank you in!
_ Diablo _2010-02-12 03:14:01 +0000 #2
Maybe glue brush too much, 78 times and so it should be between the glue dry, so you can be brushing at least 2 hours. Louzhu horse waiting to cross so long? 40 degrees, or a bit hard, with you filling glue ...

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LZ this situation the only solution is to glue the first few days and so on ... certain hard-irrigation. In for a few days or even weeks later, the soft sponge will naturally rise.

lz suspected is unlikely, since a package corresponding to a set of plastic, if the business swap, then put the original 40 degrees What is packaging? The packaging is also difficult to forge, because of security do. 41 degrees with few people, but the corresponding production and sales would be minimal. Or even 41 degrees rather than 40 degrees more difficult to buy.
zombieyang2010-02-12 03:43:37 +0000 #3
Your 40 degrees is too hard to it, I had to use 39 degrees a very hard start, and later than one brush once a week or so. The feeling is not hard, and the glue I used Guo Yuehua of. Playing for a year or bad, but still very sticky. Hurricane should always filling until soft plastic. I feel pretty good with the 729-08, the main irrigation without glue, but better than filling the rubber boom of the momentum a little bit. Performance and Hurricane is very close, I think we should fit you, try Bar



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