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Why does hair dryer blowing up table tennis, table tennis will not be charged

refueling ann2010-02-12 04:02:08 +0000 #1
not work when the ping-pong when irregular (preferably with illustrations)
I Love MASHA2010-02-12 04:14:18 +0000 #2
Bernoulli's Principle of Daniel Bernoulli in 1726 was first put forward the "Bernoulli's Principle." This is the equation of fluid mechanics of continuous medium theory, before the establishment of water used in the basic principles of mechanics and its essence is fluid mechanical energy conservation. Namely: kinetic energy + gravitational potential energy + potential energy = constant pressure.

Of its most well-known inference as follows: high flow, flow rate and pressure on small.

Daniel Bernoulli first proposed in 1726, when the content is: In the water or air, if a rate is small, the pressure on the large, if the velocity and pressure on small. Of course, this principle has certain restrictions, but here we talk about it. Here are some more popular explanations:

to the AB tube blowing air. If the slices of a small tube (like a department), the air speed is great; while aspect large area (like b Department), the air speed of the small. In the speed of a large local pressures is small, the speed of small local pressure. Because the pressure of air in a small, so C tubes of liquid on the rise; the same time, b Department of relatively large air pressure inside the liquid drop D tube. In Figure 215 in, T pipe is fixed on the copper disc DD; air after coming out from the T tube, but also grazed another one with the T tube is not connected to the disc dd. Two discs of air flow between the large, but the closer the plate edges to reduce the speed faster, because the air flow out from between the two, aspect is rapidly increasing, coupled with inertia is gradually being overcome, But the disc around the air pressure is great, because here the flow velocity is small; the air pressure between the disc has a very small, because this is the flow speed of major. Therefore, the air around the disk so that the role of the disc close to each other than the two disc flow between the major role in order to open the disc; result is blowing from the T tube where the flow is stronger, has been attracted to the disk dd DD disc the greater the force.

Figure 216 and Figure 215 is similar to differ only by the water. If the disk DD edge is curved upward, then the disc DD water flowing rapidly from the original low water with the tank itself rose to the height of the static water. Therefore, the following hydrostatic disc than the disc above have higher hydrodynamic pressure, the result up to disk. Axis P are used to prevent disc to the next move.

Figure 217 paintings floating in the air inside is a very light ball. Air impact on small ball, not let it settle down again. When the ball out of an airstream, the air around it will be pushed back to air inside, because the surrounding air velocity is small, pressure, and airflow inside the air velocity and pressure small.

Figure 218 in the two ships sailing in the calm water side by side with, or side by side to stop the flowing of water. Surface between the two boats is quite narrow, so here is the water flow rate than the two vessels outside the high velocity of water, pressure vessels than the two lateral small. The results of these ships, the ship will be surrounded by a relatively high pressure of the water are packed together. Seamen were very aware of two side by side, driving the boat strongly attracted to each other.

If the two boats side by side ahead of them a little bit behind, as Figure 219, as drawn, then the situation will be even more serious. So that two boats close to the two forces F and F, will turning the hull and the vessel B vessel A shift greater force. In this case, the collision was inevitable, because the rudder was too late to change the direction of the ship.

In Figure 218, this phenomenon mentioned, you can use the following experiment to illustrate. The two very light rubber ball hanging as 220 photographs. If you have two goals in the middle of the blow, they will be close to each other and the mutual collision.
SARS Iraq2010-02-12 04:32:08 +0000 #3
The winds upward, table tennis, by the force of gravity and wind approximate balance, and therefore slight fluctuations up and down instead of landing

table tennis, after not enough to fulfill by the wind force is not completely up, and will favor the side will, therefore, the lateral movement of landing



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