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On the Southwest University of Finance and table tennis

songqiang11232010-02-12 05:01:20 +0000 #1
exam Southwestern University of Finance and a graduate student, I also love table tennis, do not know

1. Southwest University of Finance and table tennis facilities in terms of what? Be charged for Mody?

2. Movement in the school's extensive Mody, more people loving small, there were many masters?

3. Whether there is related to race?

4. West Financial who love to play baseball in general vicinity of where the gathering?
Ji-02010-02-12 05:16:08 +0000 #2
Aug 1 new gymnasium, table tennis sets a lot of new equipment, quality, if they were not played, it was unclear, but a lot of xintaizi. In addition to physical education other than the time-use stadium, should be charged, concrete is not clear, but because of school, so refer to badminton charges, is not high.

2 is not extensive, because the boys little impact on small. However, there are some people who love sports have a special community.

3 table tennis what the community will organize competitions, and school teachers will participate in about a semester for once.

4 graduate students have moved to a new campus, and Wenjiang originally rural areas, can not say that there is no love sports, but there are a small and the school district at a fair distance away from the Wen River, schools, outsiders can not enter. In fact, you can play at school, and what the new stadium facilities, or very good.



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