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With regard to table tennis professional

Ztgdz13142010-02-12 05:01:45 +0000 #1
I am a Physical Education college students, junior professional in relation to the election, and I would like to select table tennis. Not previously practiced in this special, we had a compulsory subject on the sophomore, junior wishing to take after school table tennis as a teacher or coach.

1. I would like to ask what brand of learning the profession of the backplane and the rubber is good, and how much money you can about it?

2. I used to use straight, and now want to change the horizontal version, because I see that today's kids are learning to use the horizontal version of table tennis. I personally feel more comfortable with the horizontal version of clinging! Change or not change?
Big Head Sugar2010-02-12 05:12:30 +0000 #2
employment difficulties faced by the current situation of university students, also can be used as an elective professional ping-pong is to give yourself a way out for a relatively good (with a certain degree of expertise even if the wrong ping-pong coach Peilian, flat out do not worry about the future, also to be, the reason is very simple, a lot of work units will be regularly organized competitions, they also need expertise in human resources in this respect) ... the premise is that you play better table tennis table tennis, the sport we really have to ... need to have a good basis for a general 6-7 years of professional play began training junior began to study is indeed a night (tell the truth) ... but the so-called Hard work pays off, as long as Lou Zhu willing to carefully study, there is talent in this area -- believe that it can also play achievements. ... a lot of support when the ping-pong practice will find it very boring, it is recommended first Do not ping-pong as their jobs to train. treat it as one of their own interests and hobbies to Lianqiu will feel so happy ... going to the subject: 1 Select Configure key to see your play, not the best brand, only the most suited to their own racket. it is difficult to use equipment to measure price. now more mainstream brands are: Butterfly, Yasaka, stiga, DHS , Galaxy, Palio, friendship, 729 ... I still have not formed due to a specific style of play, learning ball buy a hundred dollars less than the Samsung TBC series finished filming, or butterfly can be the (style of play not to form a waste of money equal to the distribution board) Approximately two to three months after the practice began to form their own play style, consider self-distribution board ... that time together with your style of play characterized by recurrent question asked Baidu could be a shake-hands grip ... 2 feel comfortable with the use shake-hands grip, and now general is also a shake-hands grip of teaching, when the coach must possess a shake-hands grip playing Pen teaching and coaching after the test card can be

Ps: saw Lou Zhu added that the issue, according to the meaning of what you said the answer to this question has already been decided how they would! ! Since it is so that we earnestly playing so many characters that most of the day is the same as the whole meaningless. A man seeking truth from facts, or something better, I am not afraid of offending anyone. . . Go find your Shige to see the future who would dare to answer your question. This girl is nothing special about you that is very few. . . Upstairs there is a friend, please do not copy my answer, are the words one by one character to break out one by one, please respect the look.
liaowubin5112010-02-12 05:09:48 +0000 #3
into a horizontal plate is not recommended, due to horizontal slab foundation is relatively difficult for some, just get started after the offensive ability, just to see, Wang Hao, Ma Lin, who bar

bottom, then begin with the Galaxy can be made, and are hand - mad 3, the backhand G666, very practical with a popular law
Clothes Love Gull2010-02-12 06:06:00 +0000 #4
front counter of the bar who said that. Good practice should be straight, basic hard. So now a lot of athletes use cross-board, is to quickly produce good results. My personal recommendation Louzhu Enhancing straight in, based on the horizontal plate is also practiced on a training trip. Change would not have had. If it were changed, it would take more time to adapt, it is better not to change, but take part in more competitions, more than some success, in order to have more capital to find a good job. You are not the same as those athletes!

The best floor to the number of foreign butterflies and Stiga (stiga) of the. Backplane current level of domestic and foreign, or there are differences. In general, the domestic manufacturers a better floor there are four: the Galaxy, Palio, the World Oder, Xi Enting.

Rubber, the foreign good are butterflies, Yasaka and so on. The domestic good are 729, Double Happiness, 999, Galaxy, Palio. Rubber almost no gap between the level of domestic and foreign, and domestic prices relatively low.

On the first floor who said, well, interest first. In fact, tennis is really quite good fun.

Recommend a magazine "ping-pong world", a must-read.
10078129272010-02-12 06:19:13 +0000 #5
Pen attached two Olympic champions are what you have to change shake-hands grip ah
520 Baby2010-02-12 05:49:27 +0000 #6
ah, also found a floor, right, what is comfortable grip on what the film grip, and now many of them are teaching shake-hands grip. You became a coach must understand the teaching shake-hands grip. Pen would be best to get shake-hands grip. This is certainly true. Pen winner is not the issue, all 08 Olympic women's Jinyintong shake-hands grip, so can not take this comparison and measurement. .
mickey_1020302010-02-12 05:27:58 +0000 #7
This is OK ah

BUTTERFIY the floor with bar, plus Hurricane rubber well, easy to use ah

with the horizontal plate is relatively easy to啦, but this is not to do from the primary school Caixing, or gestures does not look good



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