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Table tennis racket for close-range photo 6

Cranky far2010-02-12 05:02:09 +0000 #1
Positive Photoresist 806 pictures and video on the better to chop the video, any extra points, and deceptive puppy, there are six kinds of tempo positive and negative, raw, long - , anti-arc sponge bat will do. . . . .
Modern myopia2010-02-12 05:15:02 +0000 #2
table tennis rubber complete statement

● Positive Photoresist

also known as short-grain rubber, characterized by good elasticity, high speed, hit the ball steady, do not eat change for Near Taiwan fast-break, in particular the right to attack the left push-type play, is a straight fast-break-type player, one of the most common type of rubber, in the past Zhuang Zedong, Li Furong, Jiang Jialiang, Xie Seik have adopted such a large number of world champions are plastic sponge RACKET . The current world champion Liu Guoliang also use this type of rubber. If you feel flexible and wrist movements, and large enough strength of arm and waist, it is best to choose a positive rate of winning a positive plastic racket.

The current international market, there is a range of short-and long-grain particles of a rubber particles, there is no spin attack peculiar effect of the strong opponents attack to draw the ball or the next spin the ball, this rubber sole purpose of we are not afraid to return to the past, are not spin the ball, but also erratic, let rivals so do not pull its weight. It was called the "magic of rubber."

anti-adhesive is characterized by strong spin shots, hitting stable, easy to control, suitable for loop-type or loop-type combination of fast-break play. Because the stability ball, control the ball well, and therefore the preferred type of beginners. For the professional player is concerned, there are a variety of different properties of anti-adhesive sponge bat to choose from, such as rubber adhesive strong, supporting soft and thick sponge, which has good "bite" the ball and "wrapped" ball features. Anti-adhesive sponge rubber is a straight, shake-hands grip players the most commonly used rubber, almost 100% of the European players have adopted such a rubber, the Asian players have nearly 80% of the players to use. Because the rubber is good balance between speed and rotation requirements.

The current international super-class players, the vast majority of all use of anti-adhesive rubber. Such as the loop fast break style of play with Jan-Ove Waldner, Jorgen Persson, Seve, Ma Cultural Revolution, Wang Nan and so on, fast-break style of play with the cover loop Pavilion, Wang Tao, Kong Linghui, Deng Yaping, Li Ju and so on, straight grip The Ma Lin, Yan Sen, Feng Zhe, etc., they are invariably in a positive light, or two surfaces are anti-adhesive rubber.

Fight against gum athletes hope wrapped in rubber with high power, that is rubber surface to be sticky, so as to have a high coefficient of friction. In addition to professional athletes qualified to play that for rubber, the amateurs, I am afraid that there will be no this condition, I have to know how to protect the viscous rubber. The easiest way is to practice each time after the stick with a soft foam sponge clean with water, there are also dedicated a cleaning agent to sell, use with better results. After cleaning with the polyester film covering, so that dust can also oxidation can.

raw rubber raw rubber is the particle up, diameter greater than the height of the rubber. Its characteristics are batting goes down, chopping a weak rotation. As the raw rubber and decreases the role of transfer, it is particularly easy to control the ball. At present a number of shake-hands grip both sides attacking player, in order to obtain the changes in batting, using forehand counter-adhesive (pull-loop) and the backhand of raw rubber (fast dial and pendulum short) mix of methods. The world champion Wang Tao, and well-known player Chen Jing, Geng Lijuan and so on with the play of raw rubber backhand, South Korea and the Korean female athletes choose.

● Long Rubber

This is a long thin rubber adhesive covering the top in a thin sponge and rubber sponge, is invented in China in the sixties. Zhang Xielin then cut out the unpredictable in this rubber ball, known as the Ping Tan magician. This is because such a rubber ball in the racket will have an abnormal rotation of the phenomenon, the typical changes are: to rub each other the next spin the ball with long rubber for rubbing one's own, it will be more than rotodyne back; the other side of the topspin attack to , one's own with long plastic block shot back after the following rotodyne; by chopping the other side fight back to pull the ball to loop the ball more spin, but a general pull back to cut the ball back to the ball is not rotating. These abnormal changes often make mistakes or to return to the other party out of golf to deal with long-adhesive properties are not familiar with people who often can be easily hit the ball to win. However, with this rubber ball, not only each other's mistakes more than one's own is not easy to master, greatly reducing the ornamental table tennis and entertainment. In May 1998, the ITTF in Durban, South Africa convened the Council, by 19 votes to 18 votes, made the decision on the decision to disable the use of long rubber, and rubber are being made to the ratio of height and diameter shall not be greater than 1:1 requirements. Young Athletes Do not use a long rubber, plastic is difficult to master the one hand, long the other hand, a slight mistake can easily result in the wrong shape. Chinese Table Tennis Association Junior Competition has long been expressly provided shall be allowed to use a long plastic.

specific anti-arc-rubber ball to deal with there is a loop called "anti-arc rubber" anti-adhesive foam rubber, which rubber-free adhesive film surface, the surface smooth and slightly more astringent hair, hit the ball to run out of animal sacrifice slower, shorter arc, with Taiwan after the sinking erratic, Ling Duishou difficult for conventional judgments are particularly effective to deal with loop drive. Cai Zhenhua, such as the aforementioned negative paste is then such a rubber.

The above table tennis racket rubber mulch in addition to attention to the choice of features, we must also note that the choice of sponges, that attention to the thick and thin sponges, hard and soft. In general, thick sponge to eat the ball deeper, longer time to bite the ball, hit the ball out of stamina than the feet, pulling the ball in the more obvious characteristics; on the contrary thin sponge to eat the ball a short time, hit the ball fast, the ball good, but has insufficient capacity for the ball, not easy to kill opponents. As there are biting hard sponge ball a short time, the characteristics of fast ball, suitable for fast break style of play; and soft sponge ball is less then some, but the ball better, and most people fight more smoothly, but also a more stable play.

In addition to foam and rubber, the sponge rubber adhesive glue used in today's era of high technology also has a very important position. A special odorless fast glue, paste before the game can greatly play a "efficacy" (said to be able to improve the rubber elasticity of 20% -30%), as stimulants to the racket to eat. This wonderful feature is accidentally discovered by the Hungarian player KLAMPER, when he, after they lose a game, that is not sticky rubber hand is good, then re-posted, actually can not think of this semi-dry in a small rubber ball so that the ball is raised not less. Now fast-glue has been no secret, but some people have become too blind faith in its role in.

Now requires not only sponge rubber should be consistent with the ITTF (English short ITIF) provides that where the total thickness including adhesive shall not be thicker than 4 mm, rubber side of the two surfaces must be bright red, one side is dark and so on, to participate in important race must also be selected the ITTF has been approved for use in rubber and rubber used in glue paste. At present, there are several varieties of the domestic approval of its edges are clearly visible mark model and the ITTF ITIF mark.
danny_20062010-02-12 05:33:09 +0000 #3
Who ah, I want to see



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