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ivylovedarren2010-02-15 03:10:04 +0000 #1
because I did not concentrate on listening to trouble about

1. Which a court Grand Slam tournament was conducted in the earth:


Australian Open, French Open

2. What kind of field the Earth's bounce is usually a minimum:

soil field



3. Which of the following approach is to take great efforts to serve the majority of players the choice of

even when a short swing

ball to make a bigger swing likely to play shallow

4. the race right to the ball if a player shouted "out", then found himself shouting wrong, then the sub should re-match

If the players get the ball back after the effective space then this sub-replay

If the players get the ball back after the effective venues this sub-replay, if the opponent is unable to return the ball effectively in the sub-

5. a player look up and see their ball out of bounds should be shouted "out", except for the following did not realize that circumstances do not need to do so

at the time his opponent has been Yifa shouting "in" when the

When the opponent does not follow this protocol when

6. Which of the following one is not an end Score




7. a right hand holding pictures of players, in their efforts to go straight arm backhand volley the ball, his foot near the ball should be

left foot right foot

feet with the ball from the same

8. Which of the following at least a grip for the forehand volley



western-style forehand

2, to determine questions

1, competitions, you Yifa Under the net, the ball still inside of your network away from the ball closer to the place, you continue to give effective two-fa, locked in a stalemate the opponent the ball just hit a shallow ball quickly at that side to side, you can not pick up, then you lose Sub-correct the error

2, in the course of each volley, when the opponents hit the ball ready to swing, you should do is to skip step straddle the correct error

3, odd-numbered Bureau exchanged correct the error

4 venues , drop the hand holding the ball where the best way to use a palm grip, fingers wrapped around the ball right wrong

5, drop, the ball stripped the hand when the hand is higher than his head drop when the correct error

6, fell to the other venues on the spin jump serve up the correct error

7, the same racket head speed, flat hit the fastest ball could give the correct error

8, a 1 meter 80 adult men, with flat strike normal driving mode, the speed test is 100 km / h, then make a reasonable explanation: that some bias on the ball to ensure that serve to effectively correct the error

1. a player throws the ball, made a complete action, but serve did not come across the ball, it should be counted once ___


2. the wind in certain circumstances can serve ,____ serving network to provide the best guarantee of no less than


3. A new The weight of the ball ____ ounces (56.70 grams)


4. you are faced with a typical-type player on the bottom line to the net when the opponent began to swing the ball when the network between you and the proper distance the number of


Tennis COACH2010-02-15 03:19:48 +0000 #2
one, multiple-choice questions:

1, French Open

2, lawn

3, more short

4, replay

5, Yi Fa


7, right foot

8, Western-style

2, to determine title:


2 wrong, wrong

3, to

4, wrong

5, to

6, wrong

7, for

8, wrong

3, fill-in:

1, re-issued

2, flat strike



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