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Tennis Finals outlet end of the year two with the same score how to determine the first

Temptress Moon Ming Mongolia2010-02-15 03:10:44 +0000 #1
hypothetical rates of the two drifted rate and gaming are the same, is to compete decision, or according to rank decision?
Summer muchuan sub-2010-02-15 03:24:24 +0000 #2
end of Finals (Masters Cup) team rankings Rules

1, the number of wins, such as the same see below one, and so on

2, the playing field a few

3, if only two people like the former two, compare the outcome of the relationship between the two

4, if the three previous two, as in the following order of rank

a) W set the rate of

b) the win rate of

c) if a or b first identified the top three in the first or third, then the identified person will be removed, cut or eliminated, the remaining two compare the outcome of the relationship between the two

5, if all of the above provisions of are the same, by the ATP decided to qualify methods

6, if someone sent off, or retired mid-race game against the form will be straight sets to win the bureau following the withdrawal by the other party to obtain a few, such as a player the first set 1:3 When behind the back game against the score will be 6:1 and 6:0 victory. However, this game is not included in the bureau the number of 4, b) Article
drink green Hin2010-02-15 03:56:29 +0000 #3
is generally not so clever thing. Rates are generally determined in accordance with the win.



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