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Burn 4442010-02-15 03:11:10 +0000 #1
I am beginner tennis, but the firm to buy a better future for Wilson rackets, in the online search data and found that there are a lot of the series, want to be able to tell under the prawns in various series of advantages, I would appreciate disrespect.
My Halloween2010-02-15 03:17:58 +0000 #2
Wilson is the more popular brands from the United States. Similar to China's Plum, is a half-century old brand.

Wilson tennis racket of the series and there are many kinds, the most recent K Factory series is launched in 2007, after there is N Code, T series,

on behalf of the times, series of changes have occurred in the following areas:

1. material;

2. exterior design;

3. line of bed and line-hole design;

4. coating design;

due to product variety, and each one has different performance characteristics of the series of models, it is difficult 11 Description. Simply put, the new series of materials, hardness, weight and toughness, some aspects would be relatively good. But for a racket is suitable for their own, these alone are not enough.

Choose the racket of the most important of several factors:

1. Weight; - suitable for beginners no more than 290g;

2. Balance; - do not use the first light is suitable for beginners;

3. Racket; - beginners shoot surface is not less than 98sq.inch. is appropriate;

recommended targeted racket, need to understand the users gender, age, height, weight, number of factors.

I suggest you choose Wilson Hammer racket series of specific models according to your advice I have given to screening. Choose the most suitable bid was second-hand letter;

*. Do not choose "XX Anniversary Edition", price 3-500 yuan of wilson racket, the lowest price.
wang11255552010-02-15 03:36:46 +0000 #3
do not look at it say to specify the tempo of around 280 re-SLR, then the minimum 98 is like a little bit difficult for beginners beginner Oh, take the ball more is recommended Hyde ah



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