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Order to recommend a racket

saga Yi Xue2010-02-15 04:10:15 +0000 #1
Gender male, age three and a half ball, the horizontal is estimated that around 1.5-2.0 (not many opportunities to play a bit busy - twice-weekly Bar) .. .. playing little height 179cm, weight 53kg, Western-style forehand, on the spin a little bit more (has been working to reduce the rotation), general pairs of anti-ping hit (occasionally play with single-lens reflex), currently used mainly in the bottom line .. shoot DUNLOP aerogel 300G, has used film HEAD liquidmetal L4 98 .. When we encounter such a small problem: the touch is very strange that AG300, it seems a little lack of control, which is particularly evident in the backhand-bit .. being made when the placement of controlled force is acceptable, but not fat, when little or no power of direction and angle (uh, schools, general level of the general, and sometimes it Yaogen golfers get the ball slowly) .. plus .. AG300 hit the sweet spot is hard to listen to the voices of lower film Line ..

pounds right there is not much to alleviate this situation .. using a shock absorber block ..

In addition, this issue on the pitch and hit the wall .. but the process has appeared to play when the wall is not very clear ..

ready to try for a racket, the biggest demand is hit touch the ball solid, controlled strong 1:00

the weight of big points, the level of low power does not matter (although the individual body slim, but the forces are seemingly not a problem, but to play only for entertainment, does not seek violence and - like all kinds of bottom-line of the pull ..) .. But do not head too .. (then replaced L4 is the first film felt a bit awkward ..)

film surface is a minimum of 93, maximum 98 .. not to big ..

probably beat a few inside the selection below bar, it is recommended .. If you look at other brands or models can also be more appropriate - by the way look at the recommended Pull pounds attached bar .. there is a practical use of feeling better ..

Wilson K blade tour,

K blade 98 .. The original than others n blade 98, did not feel like .. k's never been used

HEAD L5 .. but speed MP was lengthened film Mody? will appear suited Mody ..

speed pro's 335g weight .. a bit scary. .

L6 93 ..

DUNLOP AG200 .. do not know if this is not the same as there will be problems and 300

In addition, individual offensive prince .. do not need to recommend this a ..

Thank you slightly -

GSYmax2010-02-15 04:25:29 +0000 #2
rare good question.

Dunlop A300 Department of racket I think it was still very good, personal feel different, we would not studied further. However, Dunlop racket performance of the last rotation is limited, the consensus of the faithful This is indeed the ball.

L5 and KB98 I do not recommend, you can not play.

As you said, I recommend a few pieces that you choose.

Yonex RDS 003 06 edition / 08 version;

Wilson K 95 18 * 20 Line-bed versions;

Head MicroGel L3 08 edition;

Do you want to reduce the ball spin is to consider? Depth? Or other?

I mention this one feel alone on the spin is a good thing, if the ball, the depth of the problem from the other aspects of its starting rotation not to sacrifice the cost.
lishiguao2010-02-15 04:40:36 +0000 #3
prince exo3



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