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Tennis wrist problems

zxhxox2010-02-15 04:10:22 +0000 #1
wrist playing tennis with you? My coach taught me to draw the ball at the time of the wrist bent 80 degrees.

Tennis-arm, what is going on?
Cai Health2010-02-15 04:21:15 +0000 #2
use the wrist is not good, right wrist injury to large, absolutely can not use

to play tennis is to use the whole swing arm, so the whole body, not by transfer wrist

teacher means that when you bent wrist 80 degrees, bent not move swing ball, depending on the arm swing, not the wrist, so that no damage

ball right wrist until after hitting the wrist turn
chasing China Measurement2010-02-15 04:36:58 +0000 #3
play tennis with a good wrist
wang11255552010-02-15 05:21:47 +0000 #4
80-degree bend of the loud noise? ? I am super-Oh, the West looks like is not OK to use the wrist, but is definitely playing a lot of super-rotation are used on the wrist, but a good beginner or not to use the wrist and one to protect some of the wrist 2 is stable like a good bike ride in order to juggle the same as



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