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The Prince of Tennis the strength of true?

∮ Xu Xian ∮2010-02-15 05:10:10 +0000 #1
Real tennis people like Prince of Tennis characters inside the same skills? Or a more exaggerated?
mll1332010-02-15 05:21:20 +0000 #2
Prince of Tennis to tell the truth beyond an ordinary person! You think about it, Spike can hit a mark on the ground? Can control the spin of the ball? You can play your eyes closed? More than one person can play ball? Effects will be playing Shi Hai? Make opponents fear? Will issue a light?

However, serve, or normal, the world's master has a 200KM / S above, but said that high school students, a bit too exaggerated!
pyang1262010-02-15 05:47:22 +0000 #3
Prince of Tennis is a relatively good sports series comics, but the content of the more extreme examples, like real tennis, like to have lost the meaning of cartoons, it would not be so welcome. However, if you really look at the tennis match, chances are you will fall in love with the sport, when Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi is my preferred player, and now Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and German about Covey surprising the world.

By the way recommended a tennis game, VR tennis 2009, very truly.
Tears of You-Bamboo2010-02-15 06:17:35 +0000 #4
Most parts are exaggerated and the real
813,433,4222010-02-15 07:03:13 +0000 #5



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