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How much tennis court ★ ●?

cold-faced Sakura Girls2010-02-15 06:10:29 +0000 #1
In my school to play tennis, I would like to know to prevent coaches quizzed me
LeeAdelaide2010-02-15 06:24:12 +0000 #2
length 36.60 meters wide, 18.30 meters; doubles the length of the venue size 23.77 m wide, 10.97 meters;
peter1oo2010-02-15 06:47:41 +0000 #3
In general, we often are doubles tennis court, golf course singles are usually inclusive in the

doubles the venue. a doubles court, and its total length is 36.6 meters (120 feet), compared with The total length of the basketball court 32

m longer than the total length of a volleyball court 24 meters long for; tennis courts, the total width is 18.3 meters (60 feet), and

basketball court, the total width of 19 meters or less the same course more than shoot the total width to 15 meters wide.

In addition, the tennis courts draw lines outside the hall, outside the bottom-line demands of at least 6.4 meters (21 feet) of space

, the outer edges of the open space at least 3.66 meters. Such a standard The stadium, including the main hall, which

length is 36.6 meters, with a total width is 18.3 meters. an area of about 669 square meters, equivalent to an acre of land the size of the

(667 sq m).

So, basketball courts to shoot compared to golf course and tennis courts. tennis court is the longest, widest, and most

large size, and that each site only allows a maximum of four games or practice. Therefore, it was also known as tennis

Movement 'noble sports'.

2.'s singles and the doubles court stadium difference.

we are talking about the general tolerance in the doubles court singles golf course within the means of venues and sideline,

hanging network backbone and serve stations of the provisions in different, the other is the same.

From the tee the location of point of view, is the service area singles sites sideline sideline along with its extension cable,

that is, the inside of the entire course of two vertical lines, interval is 8.23 m (27 feet). ipsilateral side of the singles and the doubles sideline

line the distance is 1.37 meters.

concerned about the pillars of a singles tennis nets pillars with double pillars of points, they are

1.07 meters high.'s singles pillar installed on the same side between the singles sideline and the doubles sideline, its pillar center distance alone

0.914 meters outer edges hit two singles the distance between the pillars is 10.06 meters.'s doubles pillars installed

0.914 meters outside the doubles sideline , 2 doubles the distance between pillars is 12.8 meters.

game during the doubles, singles need to removed the pillars, only the pillars set doubles; while for the singles competition, the doubles pillar


Single doubles serve the stations issue, but also confusing many fans. tee stations

not be walked around the restriction, or stepped on the bottom line; about when the restriction is no more than singles singles side

line extension line, doubles can not exceed the doubles sideline when the extension cord. the middle to about the midpoint of the zone boundaries of hair


3. course, the white line width are the same?

We know that in the race, all the Online is strike the ball effectively the ball, but on the pitch this

these lines are the same whether the width of it, what is the width of their specific?

a standard course, usually the bottom line, edges, and service line, but also in One thing that is the midpoint,

that is the bottom line of a short line of the middle of the floor. It is the length of 10 cm, width 5 cm.

from the entire course of the various lines of view, the bottom line of the most wide, 10 cm; while the other lines the width of the

same, usually 5 cm, but it can be between 2.5-5 cm in width.

Another point to note that a site that all lines should be the same color, or

is white, or yellow.

4. Do you know how the service area is divided do?

in the whole tennis court, the service area is composed of four identical small box to the net is bounded,

2 on each side of the venue each service area, namely, the left and right service area service area.

service area outside the foul line is the singles sideline venues, the center line of the inside edges are tennis courts. hair

ball area and the bottom line The bottom line course parallel, the distance along the 6.4 meters under the net, this 'Tian' word-like region

is a golf course tee.

5. tennis court surrounded by open space outside the home What are the requirements?

when only one independent tennis court, the general requirements for the bottom line after the open space of not less than 6.4 meters,

sideline outside the open space of not less than 3.66 meters.

, where two or more pieces connected together with tennis courts, there is no separation of block nets when the , adjacent 2

site of not less than the distance between edges 4 meters.

Indoor Stadium general height of the roof side of the ball online request of not less than 11.5 meters, its bottom-line outside

6.4 m height above the Otherwise less than 11.5 meters.

--------- tennis types and characteristics.

水のKiss2010-02-15 07:30:39 +0000 #4



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