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Name: Svetlana Kuznetsova (Светлана Кузнецова)

* pronounced: svet-LAH-nah kooz-NET-so-vuh

· translation: Svetlana Kuznetsova

* Nickname: Cruz / trousers / sveta / kuzzi

· Nationality: Russian (Russia )

* Birthday: June 27, 1985

* Place of birth: Russia, St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg, Russia)

· place of residence: Monaco, Monte Carlo (Monte Carlo, Monaco)

· Height: 5 feet 8 1 / 2 inches (1.74 meters)

* Weight: 161 lbs (73 kg)

* grip: right-handed grip (both hands backhand)

* Jersey: FILA

· shoes: FILA Torneo II

· racket: HEAD MicroGel Extreme Pro

· ball bag: Head Extreme Supercombi 9-Pack

· into vocational Time: 2000

* I started to play tennis Time: 1992

* Graduated School: Sánchez-Casal Academy

· Coach: No

* Father: Alexandr Kuznetsov

· Mother: Galina Tsareva

· brother: Nikolai Kuznetsov

· father, Alexander, a former six Olympic cycling champion and world cycling champion coach, who is now Russia's first bicycle club Lokomotiv coach; the same time, he is Svetlana's mother tie Zvonareva's coach, her mother had won six world titles and holds 20 world records, Svetlana's brother Nicholas is also a silver medalist at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

2009 clay court season, Kuznetsova performed flawlessly, in participating in the four races, three points into the final opponent in the final are all in Dinara Safina in Rome station, she lost Dinara Safina, in the Porsche Grand Prix, she defeated Dinara Safina. Especially in the French Open tournament, Kuznetsova has undergone two out of three World War II, and Si Tuose Williams, after beating the final only to lose two straight sets in one of Safina, winning the first French Open champion. However, after the Wimbledon, U.S. Open match, Kuznetsova exposed the psychological vulnerability of their own shortcomings, especially in the U.S. Open match was a reversal stop Denmark's Wo Zini Aceh also the fourth round results people's expectations before the race far behind. But in the ensuing China Tennis Open, Kuznetsova eliminated Zheng Jie, Petrova, A. Radwanska and other famous victory, which will increase their world rankings to No.3, at the end of the year the grand final, while Kuznetsova has lost to the Williams sisters, but their match in straight sets victory over champion Elena Dementieva showed her still superior tennis skills.

Grand Slam record: 2004 U.S. Open champion; 2009 French Open champion.

Kuznetsova to play flexible, is the balance of power backhand, various technologies have a strong tendency of men.

· WTA singles titles: 11

· WTA doubles titles: 14

· ITF singles titles: 2

· ITF doubles titles: 0

* the highest singles ranking: 2 (September 10, 2007 )

* Doubles the highest ranking: 3 (June 7, 2004)

· WTA singles world ranking: 7 (2008 year-end rankings)

· WTA singles title rating: 6 (2008 year-end rankings)

* Record year-end ranking: 2008 -- 8; 2007-2; 2006-4; 2005-18; 2004-5; 2003-36; 2002-43; 2001-259; 2000-889

* career singles record: 365 wins 151 L

* career doubles record : 190 W 73 L

* Career prize money: $ 10,861,852

* Singles / singles:

Winner / Champion (11): 2009-Roland Garros 2009 - Stuttgart; 2007 - New Haven; 2006 - Miami, Bali, Beijing; 2004 -- US Open, Eastbourne, Bali; 2002 - Helsinki, Bali; 2001 - ITF / Cagliari-ITA.

Finalist / runner-up (17): 2009 - Rome; 2008 - Sydney, Dubai, Indian Wells, Tokyo [Pan Pacific], Beijing; 2007 - Doha, Indian Wells, Berlin, Rome, US Open; 2006 - Warsaw, Roland Garros; 2005 - Warsaw; 2004 - Dubai, Doha, Warsaw, Beijing.

· doubles / doubles:

Winner / Champion (13): 2009 - Miami (w / Mauresmo); 2006 - Eastbourne (w / Mauresmo); 2005 - Australian Open, Miami (both w / Molik); 2004 - Gold Coast, Doha (both w / Likhovtseva); 2003 - Gold Coast, Dubai, Rome, Toronto, Leipzig (all w / Navratilova); 2002 - Sopot, Helsinki, Tokyo [Princess Cup] (all w / Sánchez-Vicario).

Finalist / runner-up (15): 2007 - Dubai (w / Molik); 2006 - Dubai (w / Petrova); 2005 - Dubai (w / Molik), Wimbledon (w / Mauresmo); 2004 - Australian Open, Roland Garros, US Open, Dubai, Indian Wells, Miami, Eastbourne (all w / Likhovtseva), Bali (w / Sánchez-Vicario); 2003 - US Open (w / Navratilova); 2002 - Bali, Tokyo [Japan Open] (both w / Sánchez-Vicario).


Name: Anastasia Myskina ( Anastasia Myskina)

Gender: Female

Nationality: Russian

birthday :1981-07-08

Place of birth: Moscow, Russia

habitual residence: Moscow, Russia

Height: 1.74 meters

Weight: 59 kg

grip: right hand (both hands backhand)

singles world ranking: 13

singles top ranking: 2 (2004.9.13)

doubles world ranking: 45

doubles the highest ranking: 15 (2005.2.21)

year-end rankings :2005-14; 2004-3; 2003 -7; 2002-11; 2001-59; 2000-58; 1999-65; 1998-293;

1997 - 622; 1996-818; 1995-920

singles titles: 10 Doubles Champion: 5

2006 singles record : 11 wins 7 losses

career singles record: 335 wins 178 L

2006 doubles record: 5 wins 6 negative

career doubles record: 96 wins 87 career prize money of negative


255,986 U.S. dollars prize money job: 5,183,113 U.S. dollars

( Note: The above information is ended May 8, 2006 wta updated information)

four Grand Slam tournament singles results:

Year of the Australian Open French Open Wimbledon U.S. Open finals and 1999 / / / the second round of /

2000 / The first round of the third round of the first round of the /

2001 / The first round of the second round of the first round of the /

in 2002 the second round of the first round of the third round of the third round of the fourth round of the 2003 1 / 4 Final the second round of the fourth round of the 1 / 4 final of the first round of the 2004 1 / 4 final of the third round of the second round of the championship semi-finals 2005, the fourth round of the first round of the 1 / 4 final of the third round of the /

2006 4 No. 4 1 / 4 final of the first round of /

career, recalls:

1995: The first to participate in ITF competitions throughout the year to participate in three events and 1997: in Georgia Batu meters to win his first ITF the women's singles champion, is the final beating Elena Dementieva

1998: Tallinn, Estonia to win the ITF event, but also into the addition of two women's singles final of ITF tournaments, the world ranking from the beginning of the first 329 up to the first 293

1999: The world moved into the top 100, in Tashkent to participate in his first WTA main draw things in the same year also won the Italian Golizia an ITF singles title, in Palermo has won his first WTA Tour singles title, but this is her second WTA Tour event to participate in the elimination rounds. That same year, Myskina into the U.S. Open second round, this is her first Grand Slam singles match to participate in 2000: Anastasia Myskina at Wimbledon for the first time to participate in the third round, which in the second round of beat Kim Clijsters. In the same year on behalf of the Russian team at the Sydney Olympics, entered the women's singles second round 2001: Competition in Leipzig, Germany conducted beat Anna Kournikova, Kournikova is also the first time since 1996, lost to fellow Miskin Na the same time, the cut 1 / 4 finals. Anastasia Myskina at the end of the world ranking up to No. 59.

2002: In Rome, tennis 1 / 4 final beat Dokic, this is the first time she beat the world's top 10 players. That same year, Anastasia Myskina won the Bachillat his first two career WTA Tour title, in addition, she is still in Birmingham, Eastbourne and won the runner-up in Leipzig. In September the U.S. Open competition, Anastasia Myskina of Russia, the world's highest-ranked player, while the cut end of his first WTA final, year-end world ranking for the first 11.

2003: in Doha, Sarasota, Leipzig and Moscow won the championship game, in which successive match in Leipzig beat the world number one Kim Clijsters Henin-Hardenne and world number two, while in Moscow carried out by Kelinmuning Cup She also became the first Russian player to win. In this year's Australian Open and U.S. Open match, Myskina both into 1 / 4 finals and achieved his best Grand Slam record. To participate in a total of 68 games throughout the year to win one of 46 games, year-end world No. 7, another career high.

2004: In the beginning of the Australian Open 1 / 4 finals lost to Kim Clijsters sorry, missed his first Grand Slam singles semi-finals. In the subsequent Doha games, Myskina beat Capriati defending success, and became the first to enter the women's singles world number five Russian players. June 5, Russia's Anastasia Myskina became the first Grand Slam singles titles, but also was the first French Open women's singles champion, whose world ranking after the match will also be a historic rise to the first three, became the Russian women A first-ever player in the world top three.

2005: Hampered by a shoulder injury and his mother became seriously ill in 2005 was a dismal year for Myskina. Clay arena there is not even a win achievements, became the first French Open history, a first-round exit of defending women's singles champion. and then in the state has improved on the grass, into the eight strong history of creating their own best performance, and in the Confederations Cup semi-final victory over Wimbledon champion Venus Williams new division to lead the Russian team championship final, and reelected. In India The three easily won a single tournament doubles titles. failed four times to enter the fourth consecutive year-end finals, end of the year ranked 14th.

2006: Achievements flat, only venue in China, Lufthansa's doubles with Elena Likhovtseva as No. 3 seed to win the final. the latter half of the season because of a foot injury, and frequently the first round out of a number of events out. In the June 8 event four of the WTA Stockholm Open women's singles final, losing to Chinese player Zheng Jie won the runner-up



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